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Page 14 - Ghost Stories Told by Students from St. Joseph School

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/1/1 (382 reads)

The next day, one of the neighbors came to the house and told them his wife had died during the night. He wanted to know if he could borrow the dining-room chairs for the wake. Had the chairs been getting ready to leave the night before, or was someone or some? thing checking to see if they were suita? ble to borrow? It is still a mystery in the family. The Forerunner by Lynzee MacNeil About sixty years ago in the time of wag? ons, there was a family--a mother, father, and two children, a boy and a girl. The father was a fishermen and he would go out to sea for weeks at a time. The little girl, Sylvia, was scared to go in her room alone because she was scared of the dark. One night, her cousin Issabel came to stay the night. Around midnight, Sylvia heard a noise. * QUALITY SAME-DAY DRY CLEANING * 6 DAYS A WEEK * Vogue Cleaners Wedding Gown Cleaning & Helrlooming a Specialty GLACE BAY • SYDNEY HOMELIFE PAT KING REAL ESTATE HOMELIFE PAT KING Real Estate Residential • Commercial • Rural D FREE MARKET EVALUATION D RELOCATION SERVICE D 24 HOUR ANSWERING SERVICE D OUT-OF-TOWN CUSTOMERS CALL COLLECT 539-8400 243 Charlone St. SYDNEY She asked Issabel if she had heard any? thing. She said, "Yes." It sounded like a rumbling noise from a wagon. They listened closely. Sylvia knew the sound of all the wagons in the village. She didn't recognize the sound of this wagon. The rumbling was coming closer and closer. It came to the house and circled it and went around again. Then it knocked on the door four times. Sylvia woke up her mother and her brother Justin and told them the story. The next morning, they told their neigh? bour. Mr. Campbell. He checked around the house but he didn't see any tracks. He said it must have been a forerunner. The wife started to cry as she thought her husband (had) died out at sea, and she was waiting for a word on him. The mother was going crazy from worry. Justin took sick and died. As Sylvia and Issabel were waiting for the hearse, they heard a rumbling noise. As they stood in shock, it came closer and closer. It circled the house--this time they could see it. The man knocked on the door four times, took the boy and left. Life After Death? by Amy Boyko This story is one that involved my great- grandmother and her son. In 1972, my great-grandmother was at home alone and all of a sudden she had a very weird feeling that something bad had hap? pened or was going to happen. She decided to have a cup of tea, and while she was waiting for the water to boil, she heard a knock at the door. When she asked who was there, no one answered. She waited a while longer and there was another knock. Nightingale Nursing Services {2 24 hours; 7 days a week service iZI R.N.'s - C.N.A.'s {21 Homemakers & babysitters {21 Care provided in home or hospital {21 Bonded & insured {21 Reasonable rates FULL TIME R.N. NURSING SUPERVISION Local People 562-6274 Professionally Serving Local Needs SYDNEY SERV NG ALL CAPE BRETON SLAND
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