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Page 16 - Ghost Stories Told by Students from St. Joseph School

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/1/1 (472 reads)

liam to come home. Her mother had prepared a big feast and all her relatives and neighbours were there. Katherine decided to walk down to the gate so she would be the first to greet him. When he finally arrived, she was so happy she cried. He told her of all his experi? ences and how at night when the owl hooted he could only think of them at home. He gave her his gold watch and said, "Now I will always watch over you." He told her to run ahead and tell the oth? ers he would soon be with them. When she got to the house everyone was crying. William's friend Ben, who had been in the army, had told them William had been killed the week before. He had all (William's) belongings to return to the family. He said the only thing they couldn't find was William's gold watch. That night Katherine cried herself to sleep by the hooting of the owl. The Uninvited Guest by Stephen Gillis Mr. Hugh MacDonald was a well-respected blacksmith in Sydney. He was a quiet sin? gle man living in the home of his deceased grandfather, Hugh. One day as Hugh was walking home from work he saw a mysterous woman staring at him. He glanced at her and kept on walking but she called to him and said, "Hugh, come here." He walked over and said, "Yes?" The lady then told him she (was) from his past, here to avenge her death. She then disappeared as quickly as she appeared, leaving Hugh trembling with an eerie feeling. Entering his home, in deep thought, he no? ticed a lamp burning in the pantry. Seeing this, he reached for his rifle, loading it slowly moving toward the light. The winds around the house wailed as the floors creaked and shutters slammed. He ap? proached the corner of the pantry, and there before his eyes stood the mysterious woman with piercing eyes and her uplifted arm revealed a sharp dagger ready to strike. Hugh froze in his boots shouting, "Who are you and what do you want from me?" She replied in a moaning voice, "I want you, Hugh MacDonald, the man who caused my death many years ago." "I am not." He said, "Hugh, the man you are seeking, is dead." When the word "death" was spoken she lashed out, cutting Hugh's forearm. Losing his balance, he crashed into the chairs causing the gun to fire. The bullet struck the oil lamp knocking it to the floor and setting the rug on fire. The flames caught her dress and with a harsh cry she disappeared. Hugh, stomping on the rug, realized he couldn't control the fire. As he dashed to safety on the front lawn, he turned back for one last look and saw the mysterious lady in the upstairs window screaming in pain. Many say she still haunts Hugh MacDonald's grave above the house on the hillside. These ghost stories are the First Prize winners in the Cape Bre? ton's Magazine Local History Contest, 1990. They were pro? duced as part of Sr. Mary Anne Morrison's social studies class at St. Joseph Elementary School, Sydney. Two writers not in? cluded In the photos are Jason Dennis and Jamie Dawson. We would nice to see stories from other school classes that col? lect local history and folklore from around Cape Breton. I Aki!!: ?? 800 Grand Lake Rd., /'ms'' 'Q' Sydney. N.$.. BIP 6S9 '''5S Over Stores & Services A & A Records 539-9753 A&W; 539-8070 Afterthoughts 539-1113 Aggies 562-0182 Agnew 562-0183 Antels 539-5889 Beautiful Choices 539-3443 Big steel 562-3236 Bojou 562-6964 Brass Villa 539-7579 City streets 539-1988 Coles Book Store 539-1313 Coronet Cards 539-9738 DAIIairds 539-0099 Dalmys 539-1814 Dave's Island Pet Shop... 564-9887 Eastern Olympic 562-3010 Electra 564-1176 Faces 539-1949 Fairweather 539-5959 Fashions Fancy 539-9198 Fast Shop 564-0750 Footlocker 539-9599 Head Shoppe 539-6650 Hudson Bay 539-8350 Imperial Optical 564-8486 Island Fashions 564-2199 Jack Fraser 539-9220 Japan Camera Centre 539-5040 Jaspers Family Restaurant & Lounge 539-9909 Jean Depot 539-9190 Jean Depot for Kids 539-1157 Jeans Experts 539-2460 Jewel Box 564-5495 Kids World 539-1700 Kinney Shoes 539-6045 L.A. Express 539-2841 MAYFLOWER • General Inquiries/Leasing Lady Footlocker -.. 539-4418 Leather Wear 539-4704 Le Chateau 539-2335 Leisure World 562-6098 Lotto Booth 539-0862 Maher Shoes 539-6130 Mappins Jewellers 539-9752 Maritime Marlin Travel ... 564-0600 Marks & Spencer 539-4060 Naturalizer Shoes 539-3400 Orange Julius 564-0726 Panhandler 562-2311 Peoples Jewellers. 539-9755 Phone Centre 562-5005 Powerhouse Audio 564-8037 Radio Shack 539-0809 Reitmana 539-8679 Riverside Dry Cleaners .. 539-0693 Rudderhams Sport Shop 539-3644 Samco Bazaar 539-9121 Sentiment Shop 539-4943 Shoppers Drug Mart 539-5632 Smart Set 539-8911 Starcade 539-4442 Stone's Superior Homes 564-9095 Subs Plus 539-4554 Super Touch 564-9939 Suzy Shier 562-6545 Thriftys 539-5453 Tip Top Tailors 539-5805 Toronto-Dominion Bank.. 539-0670 Town & Country 562-2204 Treats 539-0111 Tridont Dental Centre 562-8600 Uniforms Unlimited 564-0369 Wooico 539-9330 Work World 562-7976 MALL OFFICE: 539-0862 BURNAC I Markborough
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