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> Issue 56 > Page 81 - Pere Anselme Chiasson: Conversation and a Family Album

Page 81 - Pere Anselme Chiasson: Conversation and a Family Album

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/1/1 (151 reads)

From the Chiasson family album: "And this was tal(en in 1920 when my brother was woridng In a bank in Inverness. My brother came to drive him to Cheticamp, to in front of the church where a bus was taking them to Inverness. And that's the old convent, that burned in 1925. And this is the church: i'eglise Saint-Pierre de Cheticamp." I collected--I went there three years--in the Madeleine Islands. A month each time. But I worked hard all day and all night. When I name there I remember a priest told me, "You won't find anything here. There's nothing like that here." They were sur? prised about all the things I collected. Wonderful songs, music, violins. I pub? lished one songbook from Madeleine Islands. One of the legends of Madeleine Islands. The traditions of the Madeleine Islands, a big book. And now I have another book from tapes from the Madeleine Islands. (When you compare them to Cheticamp, much difference?) Oh, no. Quite the same. Be? cause at the beginning, the beginning of when Cheticamp was established and the Madeleine Islands--about the same time-- the nearest place from Cheticamp to go was Madeleine Islands. Because at that time there were no roads. It was by sea. So Madeleine Islands were their neighbours. So there were inter-marriages. Lots of people were married from Cheticamp, the Madeleine Islands. They left Cheticamp to go there to the Madeleine Islands, or they left the Madeleine Islands to come to Cheticamp. There were lots of relations-- parents and everything. So that's why, at the Madeleine Islands, they have a great affection for the people of Cheticamp. When they knew that I was from Cheticamp, I was one of theirs. All the doors were open to me. GREG'S FUELS '; Beaver Petroleum ''' (~ Serving All of Cape Breton Island"' Your independent Oil • locally owned & operated We offer: Budget Plans • Automatic Delivery • Local Billing 24-Hour Emergency Delivery & Burner Service • and we accept $100.00 calls When I went, every night I was somewhere in a family, and the people around knew it-- the house was full. At the beginning, it was hard to get them to sing a song. But at the end of the night, I couldn't finish. Everybody had songs to sing, and it was-- aw, it was really funny. They loved it. They loved it. People still love folklore, like folksongs and things like that. (Yes. I think they love it, too, when you remind them and bring them back together. The New Home of Kitchens in Cape Breton SYDNEY KITCHEN & BATH (A Division of SYDNEY VINYL) Contact Charlotte Ross j Kitchen Design Consultant 1 562-0421 SYDNEY 562-0262 SENIORS DISCOUNT C.O.D. CUSTOMERS ARICHAT 1-226-1800 562-0421 VINYL REPLACEMENT WINDOWS ... for renovation or new home construction WE OFFER... Low prices 10-year workmanship warranty 20-year guarantee on windows Retail sales and installation VISIT OUR NEW SHOWROOM at 93 JOHNSTONE ST. (off Pitt, by Master Meats) - HOURS - 9:00 - 5:00 Monday through Saturday 562-0421 after hours 562-7268 Our Specialty IS Windows!
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