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Page 28 - Rose Schwartz of New Waterford

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1 (453 reads)

and go to Sydney, because I was doing well in New Waterford. (You know, perhaps the reason you didn't marry again, also, is that it'd be pretty hard to find a man as strong as you.) Oh.... I loved my husband so much. I loved him so much. I could never see anyone to take his place. Never. We were sweethearts when I was only 16 years old, and he was 19. He was 3 years older than I was. I could never.... I got along very well without a man. And I did what I could for my chil? dren, and I'm very proud of each and every one of them.... We grew with Cape Breton. Al? though, things today are not so good. But they still get a good living out of it. I gave it to my son. I don't take any wages or anything. At another time. Rose said: I'll tell you. New Waterford was so good to the Jewish people. You know the Scotch people--they were tremendous. They were really wonder? ful . They were my father's friends. If my father was ever stuck to pay a bill in the groceries, he'd go there and there and he'd get a loan. Ten dollars here and ten dollars from the other fellow. They were very, very good to him.... (And New Waterford was only beginning.) You know, 19-and-13, it was declared a town. And that was my age. I was 13 years old. The year that I came in they declared this a town. (A nice beginning for both of you.) It was. You know, when I landed in Cape Breton, I was ready to kiss the ground, I was so happy. I thought my father had great foresight to bring us here.... (Of course, you had to leave your grand? parents behind in Russia.) Yes, the two sides of grandparents. I can still remem? ber. It's funny. I can't remember what happened an hour ago, but I can always go back. I remember when we were ready to leave, the whole family. One of my grand? fathers- -of course, we didn't have a car up there. We were driven with a horse. A horse, I think, with a big long wagon and we all put everything in that we can, and the children. And my grandfather followed the wagon until he tired out. And as the wagon went on he stood there--until I couldn't see him anymore. You know, it was something--something really beautiful. Be? cause he felt, at that time, that he'll never see us again, the end. (And was it the end?) It was. We never saw them anymore. Our thanks to Ruth Schwartz Goldbloom, Irving Schwartz, and Bram Schwartz for help with this article. J. RUDDERHAM CONSTRUCTION ltd 15 WENTWORTH STREET SYDNEY, N.S. 562-4770 TRUST THE EXPERTS AT JOHN RUDDERHAM CONSTRUCTION FOR ALL YOUR HOUSING NEEDS * New Homes * Patio Decks Registered Members of: * Additions * Kitchen & Bathroom * Roofing Remodelling * Siding * Cabinets * Windows * Design Services 28 ATLANTIC NEW HOME WARRANTY CORPORATION ROl-1124 GEORGE MacNEIL MEATS Ltd. POINT ACONI ROAD - 736-8249 736-3518 Now! is the time to fill your freezer for the long Winter ahead! Cut and wrapped for your freezer Front Quarter $1.69 lb. Hind Quarter $2.39 lb. • Side of Beef $1.89 lb. • Fresh Pork by the Side $1.39 lb. Fresh Lamb also available at reasonable prices. Avoid Disappointment - Come Early
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