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> Issue 57 > Page 43 - From Breton Cove and Boston: Conversations with Josie Matheson Bredbury Part 2

Page 43 - From Breton Cove and Boston: Conversations with Josie Matheson Bredbury Part 2

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1 (250 reads)

Peggy Thomais MacDonald with her children, left to right: Tommy, Norman Dan, Nell Alex, Christine, Josie. the wagonhouse--barn. And it was one of those sliding doors. So. Fraser Urquhart was supposed to be the guy to go up to the door, slide it open just enough for the dog to get his nose out. and grab the dog by the nose so that he wouldn't bark any more. He was to take the dog out towards the road. Then everybody got busy taking the wagon wheels off and the truck wheels off. The girls'd take the wheels and carry it off. And there was a forge. The wheels were put up on top of the forge. And. we really didn't break anything. There was CO. Cape Breton Auto Radiator RADIATOR HOSES • REPAIRING • CLEANING • RECORING c'o I- -J COMPLETE CYLINDER HEAD SERVICE ' . 518 Grand auto * truck * industrial Sydney Lake Road Complete Line of Gas Tanks 564-6362 . NOW DOING AUTOMOBILE AIR CONDITIONING • I.G.Tax Services Quality Tax Preparation • Fast and courteous service • Special rates for seniors • Year round tax service 350 Charlotte Street Sydney, Nova Scotia 564-8800 nothing broken. So the dog was put back, and we took off. And the next morning, there was hell to pay. He came down to D. B.'s. And there was what they call in Gaelic a cuirt--a court. They had a court. (D. B. was the justice of the peace.) None of the girls were called, but all the boys at Breton Cove were called. The boys had to do some dirty work for him. That's the punishment they got. That was the last I ever did on Hal? lowe'en. I don't think there was much of a Hallowe'en after that. I'm telling you. There were so many times Papa couldn't get out of the house, because they had taken the reins in the barn and tied the whole house, around, so that he couldn't get out. So he'd have to go out through the window. Josie laughs. And that happened to him many, many times. Oh, gosh. That's the fun that we used to have. But we were happy. We were very hap? py. We were happy kids.... I've forgotten an awful lot of that. Annie was good at remembering. She was very good at that. I miss her a lot. She and I were very close. And Bena didn't want to have anything to do with that. (The past.) The past at all. But my sister up there (in the United States) now--Nora--she and I have good laughs over things. She hasn't been down here. She left here when she was Overlooking the Margaree Valley at the Junction of Route 19 and the Cabot Trail A full-accommodation Lodge featuring: DINING ROOM LOUNGE SWIMMING POOL SPACIOUS ROOMS Take advantage of nearby recreation: BEACHES GOLF FAIRWAYS CAMPING FRESH AND SALT WATER FISHING HIKING TThe best of Nova Scotian musicians entertain in oiir' lotinge every weekend. Check with us to see who is playing, and drop in for an enjoyable evening. P.O. Box 550 MARGAREE FORKS Nova Scotia BOE 2A0 Phone (902) 238-2193, William F. Maclsaac, Manager REIJ? IN THE BEAUTIFUL MARGAREE VAIJJ' A Book from Cape Breton's Magazine: Cape Breton LIVES 45 Life Stories told by Cape Bretoners 300 pages • 120 photographs • $19.95 "Oral History. Oral Testimony. Conversation became the heart of the work." • Ronald Caplan, Editor • TO ORDER, SEE PAGE 51 • 43
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