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> Issue 12 > Page 27 - Glace Bay Makes a Cannon for Louisbourg

Page 27 - Glace Bay Makes a Cannon for Louisbourg

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1975/12/1 (337 reads)

Barrel-core held in place by Core-holder, and Cope being fit; LMi to keep it steady. A test for dryness is made, inserting a thin rod into holes in the mold walls. If the rod comes out damp, they wait. The doors of the foundry are kept closed so the mold will stay warm until the corewashing is finished. Roy said, "I like to get 2 or 3 coats of corewash on the bands, and on the main body • it de? pends on the size of the cannon • you could give it up to 5 coats. You'll know your? self after you give it 2 or 3 • you're looking for smoothness and finish. Too much corewash on the bands will distort them." After the corewashing the barrel-core is set into the Drag. At the front end it is bearing on the mold;at the rear it is held centered in the cannon by a coreholder. (See photo.) Roy: "This core can't move any? where. When the Cope goes on, the core is locked in. It can't go anywhere when the hot metal goes in." CEIMTRAL& NOVA SCOTIA TRUSTCOMIVyMY 225 Chorfotte Strwt, Sydney, Noyo Scotio, P. 0. Box 307, BIP 6H2 Telephone (902) 562-5596 Estate Planning . Mortgages and Real Es? tate • Savings & CHiequing Accounts * Guaranteed Investment Certificates * Investment Management Building Supplies "The Home Care Centre" Welton Street Dial: 564-5518 PHARMACY Operated by Mansons Drugs Ltd* OLD AS 1903: Still offering the sarae old fashion quality service to Cape Breton, NEW AS 1976: Offering Drug Plans, Charge Cards, Delivery, Mail-Order and most important • a Hearty Thank Vou for shopping Wbolco Pharmacy where prices are low enough to really make a difference* 73 YEARS OF SERVICE Town and Country RESTAURANT Red ond White FOOD STORES Baddeck Port Hawkesbury Sydney River & Glace Bay Port Hawkesbury Cape Breton's Magazine/27
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