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Page 61 - Mickey MacNeil from Iona - Ghosts

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1 (329 reads)

horse-length, keeping ahead of the horse. But he could never get by him. So when they came to a graveyard--there was a graveyard and a church. When he came to the graveyard, this fellow jumped the fence into the graveyard. Well Dr. Dan MacDonald said, "Well, that's not right. There's nobody could jump that fence from the ground. And there's nobody could keep ahead of a horse--a track horse that's travelling at his best." But that didn't bother him too much until he got home, and when he came to the house. As he got out, going to take the horse--going to put the horse back in the barn. It's then that he started getting-- feeling the fear, the fright. But he was so frightened--he had to go in his own home and get his wife--wake her out of bed--which would be at 3 o'clock in the morning--and take his wife with him to the barn so that he could unharness the horse! But what always bothered Dr. Dan was this: you see. it's strange that at the time that that happened, that he didn't get frightened, that he didn't have fear. It's when he stopped, when he came to the house, that--he used to claim after that-- that while he was out in the open space, that it wouldn't bother him. But that likely the fear was hitting him that when he saw help, that he'd go in the barn, that he was finding that he was trapped. He was all right with the horse, he could keep the horse going. But in the barn, if this would come, he was trapped. So that was one of the ghost stories. And that ghost story was not made--that was a true story. A true story, yeah. (Isn't that remarkable.) Remarkable. Heather BUILDING SUPPLIES STORAGE SHEDS (COMPLETELY ASSEMBLED) A?K LICK A CHICK Small Job Installations a Specialty SALES & INSTALLATION OF DOORS, WINDOWS & SIDING • ELECTRICAL • PLUMBING • FLOORING & CARPET • LUMBER • HARDWARE • ROOF TRUSSES • BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE Open 6 Days a Week Monday - Friday • 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. • Saturday til 2 p.m. t TO SYDNEY MINES if 736-6000 Little Bras d'Or' Of course, now, some people don't believe in ghosts--don't believe, but. They are, I guess--I can't say I guess--they are.... Do you believe in them yourself? (Do I believe in ghosts?) Yeah. (You know, I haven't thought about whether I believe or not. I do believe that other people have had experi? ences that I can't understand.) Because you have never had the--you didn't have the oc? casion where anything like that could happen to you. If it would, it would be different. (Well, you tell me about something you saw once, personally.) Well, I was following a man. I followed him over a mountain one time. Of course, I was walking. I was a good walker, though. But I even ran--I even hollered. But I could not overtake the man. Never did overtake the man. Well, I left it to be something not Enjoy COUNTY DAYS Communities Throughout Cape Breton County Are Planning Special Events This Summer! CHECK THEM OUT! /-'X Marlon Bridge & area • June 28 - July 7 [F[l?Dr??Dra??(i'!>?? Westmount • June 29 - July 1 July 12 - 21 m? [F@M??*??@Kl??i[RT July 21 July 23 - 28 Marlon Bridge • July 27 • 9:00 A.M. @B(o]fta[iiiii?? • ?BUDratlDr' Bm''i St. Mary's Hall, Frenchvaie • August 4 ??a'uora??!! ? 'iiDRHaa' • ?i' Coxheath Park • September 7 Other communities Include.. Catalone.. Christmas island Birch Grove.. Scotchtown .. East Bay.. Gabarus.. Mira Gut More events to be scheduled ... Day Camps • Fun Vans • Beach Parties • Card Games Swim & Tennis Programs • Community Fairs Sports Events • Community Picnics • Craft Shows Food Festivals • Reunions County Days '9lS**??Fun! fFor a free brochure and more details on ( • mQQt' W'''Q ''a, contact: CAPE BRETON COUNTY RECREATION DEPARTMENT 865 Grand Lake Road, Sydney, N. S. B1P 6W2 ' TELEPHONE: 563-2700, ext. 110 ' • FAX: 564-1871 * 61
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