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Page 81 - Alex Storm: Treasure Ship Chameau

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1 (571 reads)

singing the theme from "Gold- finger" as gold coins cascaded from the bags. Dave and I just lay there exhausted on the deck, not knowing whether to laugh or cry with joy. Harvey hauled in the anchor because we hardly had the strength even to take our suits off. The gold coins had been a happy surprise because our research had not indicated that any had been shipped. We could not help but marvel at the truly beauti? ful condition in which they had been found, the reason of course being that salt water has a corrosive effect on sil? ver but not on gold. After this memorable day, we stepped up the tempo of our sal? vage operation and day after day one could see our boat riding at anchor above the treasure site. The number of coins brought to the surface grew from the hun? dreds to the thousands. As the treasure at the bottom dimin? ished we became interested in the arithmetic of the money lost in 1725, and (compared it to) that recovered by us. Top: A 4-livre ecu with Louis XV and the Information concerning this was 'a'e "'724, minted in Bordeaux. The re- found in a letter sent from the covered Chevalier's Cross, 1725. Alex Minister of the Marine, the Storm and Harvey MacLeod bringing the Comte de Maurepas, to Messrs. Beauharnois and Dupuy, date 14 May 1726: "The King has replaced the funds which had been remitted for the expenditures of Can? ada last year, and which were lost on Le Chameau. amounting to 83,308 livres 11 wire-mesh salvage basket aboard. sols 1 denier, including 27,258 livres 8 sols 9 deniers expended for clothing of the troops at Quebec." Multiplying the number of coins recovered CO-OP CO-OP Building Supplies '0 VISA OPEN MON.-SAT. 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. 870 King's Road, Sydney 539-6410 FAX 562-7481 EXPERIENCE ON YOUR SIDE I WALLPAPER I PAINT/STAINS I FLOOR COVERINGS I GYPROC I INSULATION I BATHROOM FIXTURES I KITCHEN CABINETS I COUNTER TOPS I VANITIES I SHOWERS I ROOF TRUSSES I DOORS I VINYL REPLACEMENT WINDOWS I EAVESTROUGH I ROOFING MATERIALS I LIGHT FIXTURES I PLUMBING SUPPLIES I HARDWARE I ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES I HEATING SUPPLIES I LUMBER I PLYWOODS ! PRESSURE TREATED LUMBER PREFABRICATED EXTERIOR WALLS & INTERIOR WALLS HARBOUR HOIVIES 870 King's Road, Sydney • 539-6410 * FAX 562-7481 * 44 Models of Homes, Cottages & Garages * Deliveries Planned to Give You the Material When You Need It * Our Homes Are Acceptable for Mortgages through C.M.H.C. and N.S.H.C CATALOGUE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST $3.00 EACH * Exterior and Interior Walls Assembled in Our Factory * MSR Lumber for Roof Trusses * Kiln Dried 2"x4" & 2"x6" Studs * Your Plans or Ours WE ARE MORE THAN JUST LUMBER!!! OVER 38 YEARS EXPERIENCE 81
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