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Page 90 - Gordie MacDougall, Boxer: My Life

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1 (146 reads)

Shirley: He was wonderful to go visit, bring them little gifts. He just--a won? derful gentleman. Everyone loved Gordie. Everyone. Gordie: Well, when I went to Halifax (box? ing)- -I always visited Camp Hill Hospital, all the old veterans, and the Children's Hospital, I always visited them. (People up there from Cape Breton?) Anybody--I went through the whole hospital. (You mean strangers?) Oh. yes. it didn't matter who it was. I went through them every time I fought in Halifax. And they used to get a bus, you know, the veterans--used to take them out of Camp Hill Hospital and take them down to my fights. That's something I 90 The Department of Lands and Forests offers many titles that will stir your interest in forest, wildlife or recreation. From the historical Forestkeeping • to the informative Notes on Nova Scotia Wildlife • and the technical Forestry Field Handbook • to the ever popular children's stories. The Brook and the Woodcutter m6 The Man Who Couldn't Stop Sneezing • we offer something for Qyey taste. And you needn't travel far to pick up our publications these and many more 're available at Pages, The Downtown Bookstore, 361 Charlotte Street, Sydney. We also publish Lands and Forests Research Notes. Research Reports 3n6 Technical Notes • periodic reports on results of forestry and wildlife studies conducted by the Department. For more information on these reports, or a complete list of publications contact: The Department of Lands and Forests, Extension Services Division P.O. Box 68, Truro, NS B2N 5B8 Nova Scotia irsi' Department Of ??'' Lands and Forests Honourable C.W. MacNeil, M.D. Minister always did. And anybody that was here in Sydney, in a hospital, a veteran or any? body-children or anything--I'd go. I still do it for them.... (Now. when you stop and think about your? self, the same kid who'd give anybody a puck on the mouth ) At the same time, I had a heart of gold like that. Yeah. I was always like that. Family, you know, people down and out, never had nothing for Christmas--go down and buy them a 70- or 75-dollar--I wouldn't give them money, I'd take them down. And I'd buy their grocery order, and I'd send them home by cab. Some woman with two kids or three, or a guy and his wife, you know, a guy down on his luck or something like that.... (Well, there's no question that you were trouble. But you were an in? teresting mix of trouble. As Shirley says, you're a gen? tleman. I guess you're careful with people you care for.) Gor? die : Oh, hey, here's my old saying: "If you've got me for a good friend, you've got the great? est friend in the world. If you've got me for an enemy, you've got the worst enemy in the world." But I'm a guy. I never go out of my way to make you an enemy. You understand what I mean?... Oh. I've got friends--you can go anywhere.... Nobody used me. see. You know what I mean? If you came in-- and you and I were buddies, and you and I sat down. And if somebody came over and picked on you. and you and him had a beef.
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