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Page 92 - Gordie MacDougall, Boxer: My Life

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1 (164 reads)

belt on him. Wouldn't have thought twice about it. But I just used to walk away. But it changed my life. Johnny Nemis changed my life. (Had he been a boxer him? self?) Oh, yes. Canadian Welterweight Champion. Oh, yeah, good fighter. Two- hundred- and- some fights.... Johnny Nemis, he came from 14 Yard. That was the hardest section of New Waterford.... Oh, I could tell you so many times I got my head busted. But that * s the way I was. I loved boxing so much, that I would take it on the chin--you could hit me three times on the chin, as long as I could crank one on you, you know what I mean? Long as I could get one home on you, oh, I was still a winner. I loved it, you know.... You know what? I was in New York, I was in some of the biggest gyms in North America. Vacation in Louisbourg! ?? *'? Environment Environnement B'B Canada Canada Canadian Parks Service canadien Service des pares Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Park Operating Hours: June and September 9:30 to 5:00 July and August 9:00 to 6:00 Pre-Season and General Information 733-3100 Canada And I'll say this--I've said it many's the time to people: No one ever taught me more than Johnny Nemis did about boxing. But. he was a bad manager. He was a good trainer but a bad manager. You understand what I mean? See, Johnny fought in the '20s and '30s. He fought for wristwatches and suits of clothes, 20 or 30 dollars, and maybe a meal. You understand what I mean? In those days, when I could be getting $1000. $200 was okay--long as we got a scalp on our belt--that's what he used to call it. "We got another scalp. Never mind about the money." Geez. you know, you fight your guts out--$200. Then you're back in two weeks later again, you know, for maybe $100. Geez. I fought a top-rank contender--he was the 10th rank middleweight in the world. I fought him and beat him for $100. Gave him a 10-round decision. But it just rolled off, you know what I mean. But it didn't always roll off. In other conversations. Gordie told of low periods in his life. Tough as he was, sometimes Gordie could not handle his disappoint? ments, in boxing and in other ways. He talked about some of his roughest days: We drank everything. I drank old bay rum. I drank 78 records. I've got more Bing Crosby tunes in me than Bing Crosby. I was on the streets. I was on the skids. And I drank. And I used to hang around with the skid, row boys. And we used to drink down on the railroad tracks, the old coal tres? tle here in Sydney. And we used to sleep in the Stephens lumber shacks. Take ROUTE 22 Out of Sydney Louisbourg Motel • 45 Units • Guaranteed Rates • Fleur-de-tis Dining Room • Jake's Loimge Colour Cable T'V* Major Credit Cards Accepted 1225 MAIN STREET, LOUISBOURG (902) 733-2844 '*Only 1 Mile from Fortress Louisbourg'* EXQUISITE '''fjBagSa'''aj'. TENDER SEAFOOD '''Si''''''' '""'' lobster 'J'y''S' "'EAT DISHES haddock ?'TA'''J'J' steaks halibut "''i''v'' chops''''""* soups • chowders ~ HOMEMADE on the PREMISES ~ pastries • rolls While visiting FORTRESS LOUISBOURG drop anchor at ANCHORS AWEIGH 1095 Main street • LOUISBOURG • 733-3131 MARINE MUSEUM Atlantic Statiquarium • Recovered Sunken Treasure • Sea Life & Ancient Marine Fossils • Shipmodels * Inshore Fishery Artifacts Main Street • Centre of Town LOUISBOURG (902) 733-2220 (902) 733-2721
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