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Page 94 - Gordie MacDougall, Boxer: My Life

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1 (157 reads)

used to drink shoe polish. Shirley: The liquid shoe...? Gordie: No, no, the paste shoe polish. You'd melt that down. And (one fellow) said, "Geez," he said, "get anything but that Nugget," he said. "That goddamn Nugget gives me heartburn!" Imagine!... And vanilla extract--geez, we used to drink that by the bottle. And shaving lo? tion, we used to drink that. And perfume. All that stuff. Oh, you'd drink all that stuff. Oh, geez, that was great. You know, we were the only smelly guys in Sydney. (How did you get out of it, then? Clearly, you did.) Yeah, I got out of it. (But how?) Well, it took awhile. I guess--you've got to hit the rock bottom, you know what I mean? You hit the pits, and you're right down and you're out. And you're sick and you're degraded. Well, you humiliate your family--my family had nothing, wanted to do with me. Not even some of my friends, want to associate with you, you know what I mean? And then you pick yourself up by the bootstraps. And I got up, and I--okay, then. So then I went away. (Is this when your family fell apart?) Yeah. That was part of the whole thing, see. Vacation in Louisbourg! 'fortress Vie-zu %tstamant FORTRESS ViEW RESTAURANT Jisfitrman 's Lounge Open 8 AM to 10 PM A/HEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE • Specializing in: • Lobster in season • Scallops • Haddock • Clams • Bras d'Or Trout • Sole • Steaks • Turkey Ham • Chowders • Chops Sandwiches • both hot & cold • SOUVENIRS • Main Street LOUISBOURG Phone 733-3009 So then I went away--you know, change of scenery. I wasn't happy in the situation. But it's a situation where you wake up every day and you say you're going to change it. And then a guy's got a bottle there. And you're so happy to grab that bottle I slept shoulder-to-shoulder in mission houses in the States. When I was in Minne? apolis. And there were doctors, lawyers, and everything else, slept in the bunk next to me. And they were rich men at one time. And there they were, the same as me, out on the street with raggedy clothes, panhandling for a handout. (And you were an athlete.) Yeah. Well, they were doctors. So what's the difference? (Well, that's true. You'd think you both had a reason to be careful about what you were eating.) That's right, but, you know-- and geez, you ate out of garbage cans.... (Where in your life does this fit? Is this before you became a boxer?) Oh, no, no. This was about the middle part. And then there was another time. And then I made comebacks. And then after I became a fighter, then it happened to me again. Af? ter I retired from fighting, see, it be? came a part of me again. And thank God it only lasted about 3 months the last time.... I had a very good friend of mine, this Fr. Murphy, in Minneapolis. Who kind of practi? cally picked me up off the street. He got me straightened away and pointed me in the right direction. And I was very thankful Sea Views and Harbour, Crafts, Local Museums, and Historic Reconstructions Louisbourg Pharmacy • A Local Pharmacy Serving Your Needs • Providing complete drug store needs, including: Prescription Service 'r*T' Health & Beauty Aids Greeting Cards V""/ First Aid Supplies Baby Supplies '' ' ' Sundries Monday to Friday f ' Saturday 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. L J 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. ( Open M'Jfear 'RpundSewing !Home CookedJMeaCs ) 1360 Mam Street • Louisbourg 733-2160 rOn Saturday, prescriptions' i' filled up to 1 p.m. ONLY J Sanjiv Maindiratta, pharmacist TOWN DAIRY "The Biggest Little Store in Town" 1290 Main Street * Louisbourg ??733-2212 Groceries • Gifts & Supplies • Souvenirs • Lottery Tickets Camera Supplies & Developing • Health Care Products Video l/iachlnes & Rentals • Dry Cleaners • Florist SEARS Outlet • Camping Supplies • 990 Ice OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK ( All Tourists: Drop in & get a free local post card! ) W' iV'''' ' SCUBA DIVING ' <'N' CX' '" *'? '''''' Waters V ''!y' o* Cape Breton Island < ''' Come and experience.... The Evelyn, a 'y' ' freighter sunk in 1912 off Lighthouse Point ' • The French pay ship Chameau,, sunk in 1725 • The Irish immigrant ship Astrea, lost in 1834 at the foot of a cape.... • Lighthouse Point and Soldier's Cove, near 18th-century Fortress Louisbourg • Phone (902) 733-2683 . '| noDni nr' Gustavo Ruan, Box 6266 Fax (902) 733-2883 LUUlOtSUUrHj rr 3 Sydney BIP6G5
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