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Page 99 - Gordie MacDougall, Boxer: My Life

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1 (159 reads)

fellow to go away, and see the other leaf of the page. Because here you don't see any line-ups for food. And you can go and buy what you want as long as you've got a buck in your pocket. But over there the people don't have the bucks. And if they do, they've got to stand in line. I used to tell people you'd see them standing in line for bread or--they'd tell me I was crazy, you know. It was terrific for me. I was always learning, you know. You should never--like my fight career. I was in it 10 or 11 years as a pro. And I never stopped learn? ing. Even the last fight, I was learning, you see. Life is the same way. You should never stop learning. You should always be on the lookout to pick up something new, to learn something new. Broaden your mind, you know. And I'm no scholar--don't get me wrong. 'Cause I've got no edumacation! But that's the way I am. That made me a schol? ar that way, you know, through travelling And then, my heavens, I got a call. Had a friend down in the unemployment office. He said, "I recommended you for the Coast Guard." So I went down and I applied, and I was taken right away. And I sailed with them for a little over 5 years. And then I developed this disease. (Gordie has ALS--L0U Gehrig's Disease.) Oh, I guess, the last year I sailed with them. I went to the Arctic. I noticed my back was bothering me. Went away in the summer-- went away in July, and my back was bother? ing me. And then I noticed my leg was flopping. It would give out, me going downstairs and stuff like that. God, by MIKE'S LUNCH ~ LICENSED ~ I Your Family Restaurant I Home Made Cooking I Eat In or Take Out Seating 100 People • OPEN 7 DAYS PER WEEK • OPPOSITE STERLING MALL 4 sterling Road, GLACE BAY 849-1010 the time I got back, in around the first of November, the pain in my back, across the bottom of my back, was terrible, and down my leg. It was almost unbearable. Had to transfer to another ship 'cause mine was going on drydock. Finally it came December, I said I have to go to the doctor, see what's going on here. In the mean? time, on the ship we had a nurse while we were in the Arctic. So she was treating me for arthritis. She gave me all these pills for arthritis. Which weren't help? ing me at all. And, so he started treating me for ar? thritis. So every month I was coming back, I was worse. I was working Search-and-Rescue-- I was 28 days on a ship and then 28 off. So then we got in Sydney the end of May. And we were 5 days at sea, fired around, quite choppy weather. And I had a hard time, you know, when you're keeping your balance. I worked down below in the engine room. So, we got to Sydney here. Shirley saw me com? ing down the gang? way one day she came to get me. She thought I was half loaded or some? thing, you know-- We are a group of citizens concerned with the abuse being done to our harbours by the indiscriminate dumping of sewage, toxic waste, and unauthorized in-filling. HELP US DO SOMETHING! Contact us at this number: 1-902-564-6699 Or write: P. O. Box 33, Whitney Pier P. S., Sydney, N. S. BIN 3B1 SEWAGE TREATMENT For a Cleaner Tomorrow THE BEST IN LOCAL. REGIONAL. NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT • July 13: Men of the Deeps • July 14: The Barra MacNeils • July 17: Tommy Makem with Evans & Doherty • July 18: South Haven Weavers' Guild Fashion Show & Ceilidh • July 19: Terry Kelly (dance at Highland Civic Centre) • July 20: Audrey & Alex (2 PM children's show) • July 22: "Mi'kmwesu Wigwam" (Lee Cremo & the Feather Band Rita Joe • Sarah Denny Dancers Joey Gould & Free Spirit Drummers) • July 23 & 24: Festival on the Bay ("Summer Love") • July 25: Liona Boyd • July 26: SAPPY (youth worlcshop) • July 29, 30, 31: The St. Ann's Bay Players (from "Down North" & "Strictly Trash") • August 1: The Rankin Family • August 2: Real World (teen dance, 9:00 PM-12:30 AM) • August 3: Oliver Jones • August 5 & 6: Cape Breton Summertime Revue (Aug. 5: 8 PM • Aug. 6: 7 & 9:30 PM) • August 7: TBA • August 8&9: Mulgrave Road Co-op Theatre ("Fogarty's Cove") -August 10& 11: TBA • August 12: Scotia Highland Dancers (special guest: Bobby Watt) • August 14: Cape Breton Symphony Fiddlers • August 15: The Clansmen • August 16 & 17: Buddy Wasisname & the Other Fellers • ALL SHOWS 8 P.M. UNLESS SPECIFIED • WORKSHOPS: • SAPPY (children's music & drama) • Youth Gallery (tie-dying, watercolour, fabric painting, silk screening, art & nature appreciation) * Adult Mixed Media with Naz Ikramullah ART GALLERY open daily to the public TICKETS: phone 295-3044 (after July 2) or write FESTIVAL Box 666, Baddeck, NS BOE 180 Family, Senior, Group Discounts • Mastercard & Visa 99
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