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Page 31 - Glace Bay Makes a Cannon for Louisbourg

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1975/12/1 (349 reads)

Two days pass. The cannon and mold are still fairly warm, but the mold can be safe? ly opened. The photo shovra Peter MacMullin and Clarence Pinsent cleaning out the bore of the cannon* Roy Paglicia: "Now if you don't have enough corewash there the metal will eat into that barrel core and grip on. You tap out the bore • knock out the sand • and then you have a drill to go in there. Then we take all the fin off the cannon • fin is the seara on both sides vdiere the Cope and Drag come together. Then you might have an odd little pinhole or something to fill with iron cement* And we sand it all over* Two coats of black flat paint. It's then finished, except for the firing vent, which is drilled at Louisbourg." CONTINUED NEXT PAGE The DEVCO Gun Crew: Roy Pagliciat Foreman; Peter MacMullin* Clarence Pinsent. Eddie Osmond. Rudy Plichie. Manny Rosnick. Bill Martin. Albert Blois. Albert O'Connell. Bob MacDonald. Rick Rideout. Manny Sparrow. Stanley Plichie. Wayne Doyle. Lewis Wood. Our thanks to Roy Paf'licia and the excellent team of men at the foundry; and to Terry MacLean (who with draftsmen and craftsmen at Devco Coal Division and Louis? bourg | coordinated details of the design of the cannon and its carriage); to Kit Ra- venshire (armaments expert shown loading the cannon for its first firing, next page) and to Tocelvne Marchand. John Portier. Sandra Pearl and Andrea Maclver. Thanks to photographer Owen Fitzgerald who provided the large photos of Ironraelter Rudy Pli-' chie. And thanks to John Rolfe. Devco Coal Division, who took the majority of the"" pictures for this article. It was good fortune for all of us that Mr. Rolfe deteir- rained to record an important time in the 75 year history of the Glace Bay foundrvT A good book; 18th Century Gunfounding bv M.H.Jackson and Beer. ' Cape Breton's Magazine/31
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