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> Issue 57 > Page 101 - Gordie MacDougall, Boxer: My Life

Page 101 - Gordie MacDougall, Boxer: My Life

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1 (152 reads)

??' 'aKvVWV I got it 4 years out this summer. 1'nd I'm still going, stronger than ever. (Do you know how it starts, what are the causes of ALS?) No. They don't know--no causes, no cure And in the meantime. I've had 4 friends of mine die of it. and they've only lasted 2 or 2 1/2 years. I'm a very positive thinker. And I never even look on it as a disease, you know what I mean? I have a very positive attitude I take things in stride. And every day's a good day for me. you know what I mean. But I don't harp on my disease. I don't think about it Oh. I did one time, got de? pressed maybe 3 years ago. I never even think about that now. One thing you learn about this: you never look about tomorrow, you worry about today. And--teaches you a lot. At one time. I used to drive in the fast lane. And never had time to look each side of the road. Now when I drive down. I stop and I smell the roses. Didn't do that before. But, I'm coping with it very well. We try to make it a normal life as is possible. I have a lot of help from Muscular Dystrophy (Asso? ciation) . they're really, really tremen? dous with me. I also have now the Homemak- er Program come in 4 times a week. And I have a great woman that comes--she's like part of the family now. She's been here almost a year now. So she's very good, and she's comforting with us. and it's very good. We laugh and we have a few jokes, all of us. And it's tremendous. And the people--our friends come and vis? it. And it's funny, too, there's a lot of friends really--close friends that we know--they don't--they say to Shirley. "God, how's Gordie?" "Oh, same old Gordie, you know." Like, even sailor friends of mine that haven't seen me for awhile. Say, "How's Gordie?" "Oh, good." You know, "Gee whiz, how is he?" "Oh, good. Same old Gor? die." "Gee, I'd like to go visit, but I don't know how to talk to him." Like they think I'm shrivelled up. See, they don't know what to say to Shirley. And Shirley tells them, "Oh, God Almighty, if you called him an old so-and-so on the ship, he's the same--come down--he's the same guy, you know." And of course, my wife is bearing up to this tremendous because it's a big burden Make Your Vacation (jO Further Avis features GM cars Chevrolet Liimina SuperValue rates mean Super Vacations. 1400 free kilometres per week and terrific rates! It all adds up to big savings for you. 00* FROM 249 PER WEEK "Weekly rate. Limited kilometres. Optional coverages, tax & refueling service charges extra. Call Today For Full Details And Reservations! 564-8265 or 564-8341 Sydney Airport Wfe try harder. "Avis" and "We try harder" are registered trademarks of Aviscar Inc. ??1990 Aviscar Inc. Aeroplan MIS RENT A CAR s'S>''.,(':''SS?':i:::g?Q??'i>??'si,'' Fully Licensed Restaurant CWW VAN f 00 A Warm Welcome OPEN DAILY 11 A.M. to 1 A.M. FRI. and SAT. till 2 A.M. SUN. till MIDNIGHT Major Credit Cards Accepted Gift Certificates * Ample ParlJ 460 Grand Lake Rd,, Sydney 562-0088 or 539-2825 101
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