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Page 103 - Gordie MacDougall, Boxer: My Life

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/6/1 (170 reads)

talks about death like he's going on a lit? tle trip. Gordie: But it doesn't bother me. Shirley: But we were talking to someone else who had cancer, and has the same atti? tude as Gordie. She's only a woman of 40, with 4 small children. But, we talk about it. She said, "Are you afraid...?" And I used to say, "Gordie, are you afraid?" But when you talk about death, like, Gordie says, "Well, what's to say?" He said, "I know, I've got a sentence, they say... Ter? minal illness. But who's to say that I'm not going to go to my car and...." Gordie: Get killed, you know. Shirley: Or have a heart attack through the night. Or my young son, three years ago--my 27-year-old son. Who was coming home from work, and so ex? cited- -you know, he called his wife, he said, "We're going to do our Christmas shopping." Never got home. So death is going to come to everyone, right. And we never know. Gordie's termi? nal, but he doesn't know when. And we're all--and we don't know when. Gordie: And I'm the happiest guy in the world, because I was telling you--I live for today.... It's my last day on earth. Every day. I have a good time. I meet peo? ple, I enjoy, I smile, I laugh. I do what I want today. Because just like it was my last day--that's the way I am. But I don't--I'm not down--I never ever think of being down, depressed. Shirley: I'm just going to read this lit? tle paper. I'm a terrible one for diaries, like the daily diary. But I keep this-- it's called "Thoughts and Special Mo? ments"- -just mine. But this is one that my daughter had in a book. And Gordie liked it. And he said, "That's me." And it says: "And in my life, I'll experi? ence everything. So on the journey to my death, my nights will not be haunted by regrets." And it's so true. You know?... Gordie, remember we wrote this one: "For Gordie MacDougall: While alive, he lived!" Gordie and Shirley laugh. Gordie: And I'm still living. I'm still living. The guys can't get over. All this summer I was going from here, down to the Steel City Tavern in this thing (the wheelchair). Every day. Down to the tav? ern, come back half drunk, all over the road. But I made her. And you know, the guys couldn't get over me. And all I can move is--my angle was even better this summer--was that finger and thumb, see. But it's getting worse now.... I always lived in the can tell by some of my stories. I went down the road. never looked on either side of the road. Now, since I've been sick, I go down the road and I look at both sides of the road, and I stop to smell the roses. Something I never did before. (You might have missed it all, you know what I mean?) That's right, sure. When you're down that fast lane, you don't fast lane. As you NOW OPEN Restaurants • Seafood • Crafts Visit our newly expanded premises. Enjoy delicious food and the breathtaking view of St. Ann's Bay. Full menu selection offered. (Visa, Master Card, American Express accepted) Open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Fully Licensed Trans Canada Highway at St. Ann's, Exit 11, Cabot Trail 295-3100 Member of Taste of Nova Scotia at the MARITIME MUSEUM OF THE ATLANTIC "'y / at the V4 Maritime iVIuseum of the Atlantic 1075 Lower Water Street Halifax, N.S. 429-8210 N.S.M. Connplex 23 locations throughout the province Department of Education >C Nova Scotia Museum 1747 Summer Street Halifax, N.S. 429-4610 N.S.M. Complex 23 locations throughout the province Department of Education >C 103
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