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> Issue 58 > Page 6 - "Who do You Think You Are? Johnny Abbass"?

Page 6 - "Who do You Think You Are? Johnny Abbass"?

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1 (278 reads)

When we came back from the war. we carried this on. (Was there anyone competing with Tony?) No one competing to provide service to the newspaper. To the Herald. But there were other photographers here. There was Dodge here, there was Kelly here, there was Wheeler here. When we came back from the war, our jobs were gone. Someone else had our jobs at Myers Studio. We could have really (got them back), you know--like, there was an unwritten rule--(but) those people had our job now. That was it. We'll have to try something else. And people knew that we were photogra? phers. And they suggested to us that we go in business ourselves, and they would be GLOBAL _NEWS SHOP 323CharloneSt. Sydney PHONE or FAX 539-0531 Featuring some of the world's most popular newspapers, Including: • USA Today • New York Times • Miami Herald • Toronto Sun • Toronto Star • Ottawa Citizen • London Observer • Sunday Times • Calgary Herald • USA Today Baseball * ETC. ALSO WE SELL: Trading Cards, Post Cards, Confectionary and the largest selection of Magazines on Charlotte Street! glad to support us. And the main business that we went into was processing of films. And there were dealers in Sydney, like all the drugstores and some of the camera shops. Drugstores were the ones that took in films from people that took their own snapshots. And they were agents, like, for the processor. That goes back to George Eastman. When George Eastman invented photog? raphy, he invented the camera, he invented the roll film--he had to find a place where he could find people that were familiar with the chemistry of photography, that could develop (the) films. So he went to a druggist, because he was a chemist. And the druggist became his agent. And in the old days--even up until the late '50s--a drugstore was an agent for Kodak films.... We were in business here I guess maybe 10 years, before we got a dealership with Ko? dak. And then they only gave us a limited dealership. That's how strict the arrange? ment was with George Eastman and his orig? inal dealers--he had all rights to George Eastman's product. And up until, oh. the late '60s. that still prevailed. (To get a dealership.) you had to be able to buy so much. And you had to have a reputation as a photographer, and a reputation of some? one that was a good craftsman, and all those things. And they'd ask you all those kind of questions. Today, you'd get it if you just got the money. If you can pay for the product. (And I guess those were the days when, when you spoke of film, you were speaking of Ko? dak film.) That's right. There was other film. But the real (film)--you know, the film of record, let's say--the one when people thought of film. It was like, you know, when they thought of taking pictures --they'd think of Abbass, you see. See, they'd think of Johnny Abbass, and (when taking) a picture (they would) say, "Well, fOPEN 24 HOURS • 7 DAYS A WEEK ) r/&tZ;'H J 412 Welton Street ' ' -' Sydney (562-5033) 1058 Kings Road Sydney River (539-3931) Sterling Mail Glace Bay (849-0988) Cor. Chariotte & Townsend Sydney (562-8085) 106 King Street North Sydney (794-8337) 31 Commercial Street Glace Bay (849-1144) Cape Breton Shopping Plaza Sydney River (539-1399) Prince Street Sydney Shopping Centre (539-4287) 1Tm()' "Always fresh because you keep eating them!"
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