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> Issue 58 > Page 9 - "Who do You Think You Are? Johnny Abbass"?

Page 9 - "Who do You Think You Are? Johnny Abbass"?

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1 (258 reads)

(Did you stroll the city, look? ing for photo? graphs , or were you mostly sent?) Well, we did both. If we came across a situation--you know, an acci? dent or a nice scene or a con? struction was going on--or there was a group gathered in a human- interest situa? tion. We were one of the first--like you see in the To? ronto Sun--what they call the "Sunshine Girl." Well, we took a lot of what we'd call "Sweetheart of the Week." These were just nice- looking girls, and they'd be dressed nice, and good appear? ance. Not in a bathing suit.... We'd get a call that there was going to be a presentation made to the editor of the Cape Breton Magazine tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock at City Hall. Or go this eve? ning, there's going to be a hockey banquet and they're going to present trophies. Or go this evening to the Isle Royale Hotel-- the president of International Nickel is speaking to the Board of Trade. Or there's a fire at the fire station. One particular fire was the First United Church. That's a long time ago. In fact, that was before I was working for the Cape Breton Post. But it was a spectacular fire. That was a wooden building. And it just, you know, went up in flames and it burned, you know, steady. It didn't burn suddenly. And you could see, as it burned, like, the shingles would start to drop off, and the frame of the building would be left there. And the steeple burned, and the frame of it was there, and it fell over on its side. I had photographs in all those different stages. That was a spec? tacular fire. Another spectacular fire was when the Ly? ceum burned .down. But peculiarly--I wasn't that lucky. Like I said, sometimes we'd have failures. And I had a failure that night. So, there was a Fr. DeCourcy there, he took a picture with just a little came? ra that we call the Hawkeye. I said, "Look. You took some pictures. How about letting me have that film?" So I got that film, and the picture was good, and that was in the paper. SHOULD YOU PRE-ARRANGE ?? @ P [' FUNERAL? Today, more than ever before, people are thinking and doing something about the future. Among those concerns for the future is the matter of their plans for their funeral. Sydney Memorial Chapel Ltd. respectfully suggests that it is a good idea to visit your Funeral Director, and together talk these matters over quietly and calmly. He can help you with information as to the different services and their costs, and then he will confirm your arrangements in writing so that your family will know what you want. Stjctneti Ttemorial CFiapeC Ltct. 49 UeCton Street, Si'cCnetf A Non-Denominational Funeral Chapel 539-0500 Wayne Weatherbee, Director
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