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Page 24 - Minnie Aucoin of St. Joseph du Moine

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1 (243 reads)

were walking home on a winter evening. And the three of them saw a sleigh go by. No horse attached to it or anything--just a sleigh. You know the big sleigh? And it just went by, by itself.) Minnie: They were so frightened. They were so scared they nearly broke the door. (How did you guys explain that? Did anybody try to find out what happened?) No. Daddy (Patrick, Minnie's husband) went--the next morning. Daddy went to see if there was some track. But he said there was nothing there. (And all three of them saw this sleigh go by, with no horse. And they'd relive that. Like, when they'd tell me this--they still remember that fear. See French story in box on next page.) A Proven Tub System Since 1973 ?? "It's Better to Improve It, than Remove It." Call us: • Sydney 564-2220 • St. Peter's 535-2093 r'mmk 1. Resurfacing bathtubs, sinks, showers & tiles 2. Converting existing bathtubs Into quality whirlpool systems j 3. Selling beautiful brass and antique fixtures 4. Selling factory direct jetted bathtubs / whirlpool 5. Non-slip tub surfaces 6. Acrylic & Fiberglass & Enamel repair 7. World's largest line of inground pool & patio coatings / V- OR FAX 535-3505 DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME | (Minnie, if you had to describe your life --did you just work, work, work--is that fair?) Always working. Got up in the morn? ing at 5 o'clock and then went to bed at 11 o'clock. I was so tired, so I fell asleep just as .... (Rosie: How did you ever find time to make 12 kids?) I don't know! In that time eve? rybody had a big family. Everybody had a big family. We were so scared. (CBM: You were so scared?) Yes, because the priest and--my God.... (Rosie: What did the priest say about the devil?) Minnie an? swered in French. (Rosie: That SUMMERTIME PRODUCTIONS SOCIETY presents FEATURING: Berkley Lamey Fred Lavery Bette MacDonald Max MacDonald Natalie MacMaster Doris Mason Matt Minglewood Maynard Morrison Neil Robertson DIRECTOR: Ed Macdonald MUSICAL DIRECTOR: Leon Dubinsky ANEW MUSIC & COMEDY SHOW July 31-August 2 . August 5-6 . August 8-13 Centre 200 Centre Bras d'Or Vogue Theatre Sydney Baddeck Sydney Cape Breton Island August 15-16 S.A.E.R.C. Port Hawkesbury August 19-21 Centre 200 Sydney Supported by Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation TICKETS ON SALE AT EACH VENUE the devil'd come take you away.) When you're bad, the devil'd be there with the forks and.... (If you did not have lots of chil? dren.) Yeah. (Rosie: What about women in the community that couldn't have children?) Well, she--she didn't feel good. She'd like better to have some than not. (Would she think she'd go to hell?) Oh, no, I don't think, no, because if she could, she would have some.... (CBM: I'm going to ask you an important question. Before you got married, did anybody sit down and talk to you about how people had children?) No. Oh, no, at that time, the old women, they would--"Oh--boys." If some? body was coming, they were talk? ing- -whispers- -they wouldn't tell anybody. Not to the kids. Oh, at that time they wouldn't tell anything to kids. (When you knew you were going to get married, did your grandmoth? er then talk to you and say, "This is what you should expect, on your wedding night"?) Yes, oh, yes. (Because, some people tell me, they got married, and they knew nothing.) No. I know. Grandma told me so much about-- not too much, but a little. Min? nie chuckles. (Then evening comes, everybody's fed, the barn work is done. Do you get out a book, and sit and read?) Well, I didn't have time. My God. Well, I had to knit and
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