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Page 66 - "Oran do Shep" an Englishtown Song

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1 (261 reads)

the song. (Laughing.) And that's the first that Phillip knew about the dog. (How did Phillip react?) Oh, it was so long ago. After that it didn't matter to him then. (How old would you have been when they shot the dog?) Oh, I was grown up. Now I can't tell you the year it hap? pened. It would be in the 1930's. (And how long after that before Phillip heard the song?) Oh, my father was dead before Phil? lip heard the song. My father died in m TAYLOR'S DENTURE CLINIC J. B. TAYLOR - LICENSED DENTURIST ' DENTAL PLANS and D.V.A. ACCEPTED * DISCOUNT FOR SENIORS 92 Charlotte Street (corner of Charlotte & York) 564-9111 Specialist in Denture Construction Relines & Repairs 1951. (Was it the late 50's Phillip heard the song?) Yes, I think so. Phillip died in 1959 (Do you know the song?) The words? Yes, most of it. (Would you be willing to sing it for us?) Oh, if I could sing, but I'm hoarse now. I can't sing. (Pause.) Oh, how did it go? (At this point. John sang "Oran do Shep." See page 65.) (John, what is the song about?) The song is about, well it starts off as saying that Shep was the prettiest dog in the place, (laughing) shaggy paws and a tawny face. Now he'd gone away from me. That was where there was a brave dog. NowEkAU Atlantic Canada. This year see all Atlantic Canada in one vacation. The green, gently rolling hills of Prince Edward Island... colourful Newfoundland and Liri>radbr fishing villages... majestic New Brunswidc sidmoD rivers... and the ocean-washed shoreline of Nova Scotia. Over 200,000 square miles of natural beauty, rich heritage, and unforgettable people waiting for you. Getting here is easy... with Air Canada and Air Nova's dsafy ixmrsi&p;&-u' connections from major centres world-wide. Once here, _ Atlantic Canadapass... a ticket for 3,4,5 or 6 one-way flights between 14 'r Nova or Air Canada cities in Adantic Canada. And fly w'ere you want., when you want., at savings up to 60% off regular one-way fares. For reservations and more inf(??inj''i see your Travel Agent, or call Air Canada Reservations. 85 per fli't AirCanada ISIAND JKQirNava He was good to run after cattle. Not a beast beneath the sun would graze on the place. You know, cut a blade of grass off the place. If he's gone away for a trip he'll be back by Monday evening. He hasn't gone North because they didn't see him at the fer? ry. And he said, I heard that you've been filled with lead, and the birds have been feeding on your carcass. (John sang verse 7 again, followed bv the chorus. Then he translated:) Now they tell me that you're dead,/ That your flesh is filled with lead,/ On your carcass birds have fed,/ Crows and rooks so greedily. (He sings verse 8 again, followed bv the chorus. What's the translation of that?) Well, he said Norman told him how the dog died, that he shot him in the arse, the dog's breath de? parted instantly. (Laughter.) (What does the last verse say?) Well, it said the old woman got a sack and tossed the dog's carcass in the sack, and they buried him in a swamp and covered him with rocks and sods. (Laughs.) (John, why did singers leave out some of the vers? es?) That verse (8) was never sung in company. It was left out on account
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