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Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1 (233 reads)

Send Your Christmas List Now. We'll mail to you, or direct to your friends with a note from you. WeMl send your gifts now, or in time for Christmas. Down North The Book of Cape Breton's Magazine Ronald Caplan, Editor A word-and-photo portrait of Cape Breton Island, Down North was first published in 1980. A beautiful new production, it is evidence of the long-lasting quality of Cape Bre? ton's Magazine • the source of the book. The 1980 edition of Down North sold out com? pletely and has begun to show up on the rare book market From Rum-Running to lighthouse life, ghost stories and life histories. Cape Breton Island history and crafts and just good story-telling • the book Dovni North delivers a wide range of the magazine's early years. From Marie Deveau's memories of "An Orange in Cheticamp" through Joe Neil Mac? Neil's marvelous tale in Gaelic and English of "Ian, the Big Fisherman's Son," to Bob Fitzgerald's gorgeous reminder of the connection he sees t)etween piles of field stone and the pioneer headstones • 'this is an elegant respectful book about Cape Breton Island. Dovra North is a quality paperback: 239 pages, 286 photographs. Price: $22.35 Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald Talk and Tunes! in Cape Breton's Magazine Interviews with Cape Breton musicians, and transcriptions of tunes, in back issues: #46: Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald, Fiddler #40: Johnny Wilmot Talk and Tunes #53: Our Uncle, Dan R. MacDonald #43: With Pianist Doug MacPhee #54: Estwood Davidson: Travels with Beattie Wallace and Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald #52: Bagpipe in C. B. (with Barry Shears) #42: A Talk with Marie MacLellan, Pianist #56: Otis Tomas: Instruments and Tunes #48: Jerry Holland: Fathers and Son Each Back Issue: $4.00 SUBSCRIBE! TO CAPE BRETON'S MAGAZINE 4-ISSUE SUBSCRIPTION • in Canada $15.00 • outside Canada $19.00 us CURRENCY (or $22.50 CAN CURRENCY) Cape Breton's MAGAZINE HISTORY • ORAL HISTORY and FOLKLORE • Beautiful Photographs • and a 19-Year Devotion to Cape Breton Island CANADA'S AWARD-WINNING MAGAZINE HOW TO ORDER (ALL PRICES INCLUDE GST & POSTAGE IN CANADA) BOOKS: n Down North $22.35 The Original Book of Cape Breton's Magazine. 239 pages, 286 photographs. D Cape Breton Lives $22.35 A Second Book from Cape Breton's Magazine. 45 Life Sto? ries • A Book of Great Voices! 300 pages, 121 photographs. D Castaway on Cape Breton $i i .25 2 great shipwreck narratives, from 1780 and 1823, with Notes. THIS BOOK WILL MARK YOUR LIFE! D The Cape Breton Giant $8.00 by James D. Gillis. Informative, entertaining, outrageous! A book about not one but two singular Cape Bretoners: Giant Angus MacAskill, and Au? thor James D. Gillis. To the original 1893 edition is added Thomas H. Raddall's 1945 Memoir of Gillis's visit to Halifax. D New Englanders Tal
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