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Page 74 - Wreck of the Hurry On - Judique

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1 (300 reads)

The next picture shows the rescue party consisting of Janette Fortune, Mary E. Chisholm, Billy McDougall, Dougal McDonald, whose home the survivors reached; Dan Chisholm, John McDougall, and Duncan L. McDonald. Lower left is John Evans, Halifax, in hospital at Inverness, and lower right, Herman Baiter, Halifax, and Albert Boudreau, Halifax, in hospital at Inverness. ened by cold and exposure, he whispered a "Pray for me, boys," lost his hold on the seat as his crew watched powerless to aid, and slipped overboard as the seas plucked at his body. It was about two hours after. Then the paralyzing cold gripped the mate, J. F. MacAulay of North Sydney, a cousin of Dr. MacAulay, North Sydney, and he too lost his grip and went overboard. Only an hour away from land and life, Fraser MacLean of Pictou Island succumbed. His was the body found in the boat after it beached. It was lodged under a thwart. Couldn't Hold Bodies "We tried to stow all of them under the thwarts but there was no rope to.tie them with," Albert Boudreau, native of Arichat, told. "The first thing we would know a man would disappear and we were in no shape to hold them in the boat." At dawn after a night of horror and death, a chance wind blew the craft ashore. With Chief Engineer Schade, Gus Carmichael, crawled to the home of Wil? liam J. MacDonald at South Judique, beg? ging for help and muttering deliriously. When hastily sum? moned residents ar? rived at the shore they found Lawrence Seafood & Steak l RESTAURANT j Baddeck, N.S. 295-2581 /! Cacopardo clinging to the dead body of Fraser MacLean. On their way they had found the unconscious form of Albert Bou? dreau, lying in a field where he had crawled. He was unconscious until noon. Not Thrown Out A coroner's inquest held over the body of Fraser MacLean, whose dead body was found in the boat, held there by a thwart, de? cided death was caused by exposure. Two of the witnesses, Boudreau and Fraser, were alleged to have told the coroner's jury the bodies of the other victims were thrown out to lighten the boat, but both later denied it was so. "We were only half-conscious then," they said. "We might have said anything." Stops Engines "Between seven and 14 miles off Henry Is? land, the Hurry On listed to starboard," Baddeck Forks Golf Course 9 Holes • Equipment Rentals ?? ~ FULLY LICENSED ~ S BADDECK FORKS PHONE: 295-2174 9 Welcome to Baddeck! "V Blue Heron Gift Shop ''>w Books • Glassware • Figurines • Woodenware • Crystal 1' Gifts for All Occasions JJL BADDECK, N.S. 295-3424 The HIGH WHEELER Cafe * Deli Bakery 295-3006'*'*''' Excellent Eating ENJOY THE DECK IN THE HEART OF BADDECK! ART • HANDCRAFTS ANTIQUES • WOOLENS IMPORTED GOODS BOOKS • MUSIC "Purchases mailed/shipped to any destination" Located in the Centre of Baddeck Ms yruvood 295-2950 • Bill & Anna Marie Fraser Baddeck: on Highway 105 and the Cabot Trail
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