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Page 76 - Wreck of the Hurry On - Judique

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1 (188 reads)

ifax, said. "I was chief cook and steward on the salvage tug Reindeer when she foundered off Sable Island. We left Canso about 8 a.m. Monday. The wind began to in? crease until about ten miles off Port Hood it was blowing a hurricane with rain and hail. The cargo of corn which we carried shifted, and we took to the boats. The ship sank at 6.30 and my watch stopped at 6.33," he said. The second time the boat overturned, Al? bert Boudreau dived under the boat and re? trieved the almost unconscious body of Lawrence Cacopardo, but Mate MacKenzie sank so quickly, no one was able to aid him, the youthful engineer said. Before Fraser MacLean died, the survivors said, they had wanted to help him, but he waved them back and said, "Take care of yourselves." TWO GREAT PLACES TO STAY! INVERNESS BEACH VILLAGE • 41 Houselc Department of Transportation and Communications Honourable Ken Streatch Minister A Mounted Police plane was despatched here from Sydney early today, and a vessel came down from Port Hawkesbury, and aiding in the search for a time were three planes from the Cape Breton Flying Club led by Lindsay Rood, pilot instructor. Meanwhile, in St. Mary's Hospital, Inver? ness, the seven survivors are gradually recovering from the harrowing experience Monday, hospital officials stated tonight. H. H. Herman, Chief Engineer, who atten? dants feared was threatened with pneumonia yesterday, came around satisfactorily to? day and is in no danger. Remains Of The Captain And Third Engineer Are Found Farrner Taking Cows To Pasture Makes Discovery- Identification Is Easily Made JUDIQUE. Oct. 6--The sea has given up two of the Hurry On victims as early on Sunday Morning the bodies of Capt. A. H. Gardiner and James F. MacAulay, third engineer of the ill-fated freighter, were found washed up on the Judique shore. Torn and worried by sea currents since the stormy night of Sept. 23, when their exhausted hands could no longer cling to the tossed life boat, the bodies show comparatively little decomposition for the period of time they have been in the wa? ter, said Dr. J. R. MacLeod of Port Hawkes? bury, coroner, who examined the bodies. There will be no inquest, he further stated. Visit an Underground Coal [/line ''' Miners' Museum Glace Bay, N. S. One of the Foremost l/luseums in Nova Scotia! Bring your family to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience of touring an actual Coal Mine with a retired miner as your guide. After touring Museum and Mine, visit the well-stocked Gift Shop and the Miners' Village Restaurant on the same 15- acre site located just one mile from downtown Glace Bay. The Miners' Museum Is Open Year Round and Welcomes Group Tours. During August, Inquire about Tuesday Night Concerts with the "Men of the Deeps" For information about Hours and Rates: PHONE (902) 849-4522
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