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Page 79 - Wreck of the Hurry On - Judique

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1991/8/1 (425 reads)

Peggy Rankin: (i don' t suppose any of the people who took in the survivors are living today. Your fa? ther ....) No. James, nor Annie nor Sadie, James's wife--there's none of those people still living. And ''''' James' wife just died % here two years ago. i''M Some of them went down to her place. I know they were telling a story that one of them had died and they had just put the remains in the milk house. (Af? ter that,) everytime we would go to the milkhouse for Sadie, we used to be looking sideways. Laughing. When you're kids, you know, you think it's- -oooo. (Doesn't your husband Donald tell a story about a fiddler?) I think they were having a few that night. That's why everybody was on deck down at James's place.... I think it was Duncan that was telling Donald the stories. I think they were just fooling around with (the fiddler, Robert). He was only a little, little man. And my uncle was quite a big rugged man. And one of those fellows that drowned, that they found the body, was kind of a heavy-set fellow. So I guess Robert (the fiddler) had a little snooze. And then he came out. And this Dun? can told him, "You and James had kind of a tiff last night." "Oh. did we? Did we?" he said. And Duncan said, "I guess you did. Come here." Showed him this in the out? house. Robert nearly died. He didn't really look at him. He looked at a big fellow and he thought, "What did I do with him?" "Fought with him. And killed him." Oh, my. He had to catch him. He was going down in a pile. END Leather Works by John 0. Roberts Historic Reproductions Creative Handcrafts * MORE THAN LEATHER * INDIAN BROOK Open Daily 9 ?? 5 CAPE BRETON ISLAND BOC 1 HO June thru October Between Baddeck & Ingonish o"" by appointment On the Cabot Trail (902) 929-2414 Our thanks to Laura Peverill for her help in preparing this article. Euphemia MacEachern's poem was found in the collection of the Beaton Institute, U.C.C.B. The newspapers used could not always be Identified, but the passages quoted here come principally from the Halifax Herald and the Halifax Ctironlcle. Local songs and poems... We learned the story of the Hurry On because we found Euphemia MacEachern's poem about that shipwreck. Many Cape Breton songs and poems are tied to important stories, or to funny stories. (See page 63: '"Oran do Shep' • an Enghsh- town Song.") Please let us know about other local poems and songs: ship? wrecks and heroism; parties and jokes! Local songs and poems in every language. SEND TO: Cape Breton's Magazine Wreck Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia BOC IHO Midway Motors Ltd. Now with Two Locattons: HEAD OFFICE '' NEW OFFICE Middle River wSf Port Hastings 295-2290 625-3641 We've Been CHRYSLER Since 1926 BATTERED WOMEN AND YOUR CHILDREN If you need help: 539-2945 TRANSITION HOUSE McCallum's Ceramic ' Tile & Flooring Ltd. Ceramic Tile • Quarry Tile Carpet & Vinyl Flooring Hardwood Flooring Ceramic Counter Tops Kitchen Cabinets • Vanities I VISIT OUR EXPANDED SHOWROOM: K-Mart Plaza, Welton St., Sydney SERVING CAPE BRETON • READY MIX CONCRETE • CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS • PATIO BLOCKS PRIME BROOK, SYDNEY 539-5217 562-1291 Yes! Yes! Yes!. You can collect stories for Cape Breton's Magazine Since the first issue, people have been sharing with us ideas, stories, subjects they'd like the magazine to pursue. And some people have collected stories that we have used. Stories for Cape Breton's Magazine have to be in the style of the magazine. If you want to tape a friend or a relative, or do research in community history or folklore or any of the type of stories the magazine carries, contact us first. We'll let you know right away whether it might be a story for the maga? zine. And, if we can, we will offer suggestions. But yes. Cape Breton's Magazine is open to your ideas and submissions. But please send us a note before you submit a story. Write to: The Editor, Cape Breton's Magazine, Wreck Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia BOC IHO
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