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Page 8 - With Mungie MacNeil of Iona Rear

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1 (362 reads)

after that until I was about 3 years old, I suppose. Well, I didn't know much then; I don't remember much about then. And my first Sunday in church when I was 3 years old! Is that any good to you? lona Church. I started to school when I was about 4 1/ 2, climbing the mountain across to Barra Glen. From here. (That was a one-room.) One room, yes. The first teacher--she was from over Irish Cove. So, I went to her for--just a few days, to get ready for the fall. We always used to do that, go a few days, about the last month of school term --June, you know, when the weather was nice. And I'd be 5 in October, and I started in May, climbing up that mountain. Over the mountain. (Your father was a farmer.) Oh, yes. He farmed here, all around here, and then he farmed that mountain, up on top of the The Markland a coastal resort Rel Lelax in our luxury log suites and dine on our gourmet food featuring local fish and lamb. Jlhrill to the play of light and shadow as they dance over the northern seascape. For reservations in the lUlaritimes call 1-800.565-0000. Or ask the operator for your toll free Check Inn numt>er. Local phone (902) 383-2246 Cabot Trail, Dingwall, Nova Scotia, BOC IGO, Canada Mungie & Sadie piciting potatoes. Above: their family malting hay. mountain--he used to plant oats on top of the mountain up there.... We had the post office here, a branch post office. There was another one in Barra Glen. And they used to pick up the mail here and take it into lona--3 days a week take it in. (And how long were you going to school in Barra Glen?) I was about 14--I finished. I stopped in Grade 9. Yes, I started in Grade 9 that fall, and I only went a short time (You didn't like school very much.) Well, I was kept home a lot. And you know, I'd be behind the others, you know, then when I'd go back. It made it hard for me. But it was very easy for me to learn. I could catch up pretty fast when I'd go back. But I was always the one that was kept home, you know. At planting time, to stay home with the younger kids. My mother would be out putting the seed in or something. I was the one that had to stay home. (So you were the substitute mother.) I was the substitute mother, always. And I loved the little ones, you know.... And there were two little girls that died in infancy. The younger ones. The youngest of all died. And another one that was be? tween- -oh, it was after Sadie. She lived a very short time.... . YOUR COMPLETE INTERIOR DECORATING CENTRE • Mr. Paint Ltd. **Dropinfor personalized, friendly service." • Free Computer Matching Service WALLCOVERINGS Simms - Rubberset - Pintar BRUSHES & PAINTING ACCESSORIES Complete line of r''TZZ' BENJAMIN MOORE PRODUCTS re''W (residential • commercial • industrial) (367 GEORGE STREET, SYDNEY, N. 8. B1P1K2 ? 539-3422)
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