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Page 57 - Eddie Barrington: Early Diving Years

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1 (206 reads)

There's so many of them that there's a com? plete loss of life, all hands on board were lost. One of the ones that we're more fa? miliar with is a ship called the Sovereign. She was wrecked in 1814, I think. She struck there in a southeast gale. I think there were 121 on board, total--37 survi? vors.... But she struck in the afternoon sometime and went to pieces almost immedi? ately. But (that ship) again, we followed her along the shore, the way she broke up, with that southeast wind. And we found the place where she struck. First, you know, went over on her beam ends and dumped her guns. Carried along the shore with the wave and wind action. And slowly spilled all her hardware, you know, everything. She was a transport ship, so she carried a lot of cannonballs and musket balls and grapeshot and that sort of thing. So you could follow the trail all the way along. And she had a certain amount of coin on her, too. That's why we had an interest in that one. Her an? chors and so on--it's all still there but it's in spills. A little pocket here with a big spill of cannonballs. Another area where there's a lot of grapeshot. That's pretty much the way they went. But the survivors that got off her were EXPLORE SYDNEY'S PAST... CAPE BRETON CENTRE FOR HERITAGE & SCIENCE • 225 GEORGE STREET • Summer: Mid June-Labour Dav ==' 10-4 Mon-Sat. JOST HOUSE Winter: 10-4 Tue-Fri; 1-4 Sat. . 54 CHARLOTTE STREET • For Information: (902) 539-1572 Winter: 10-4 Tue-Fri; 1-4 Sun. For information: (902) 539-0355 Operated by the Old Sydney Soclet' ciet']]' SIMEON'S II Family Restaurant 427 Grand Lake Road, Sydney 562-0251 We Feature: • Full Course Meals • Fresh Seafood • Steaks • Chops • Ethnic Dishes • Homemade Pies Baked Fresh Daily SIMEON'S Restaurant & Tiffany Dining Room FULLY LICENSED Plummer Ave., New Waterford 862-8090 • 862-8093 We feature the same great food as Simeon's II & we have large Banquet Facilities & Lounge there for only a couple of days, and there was another vessel came along and picked them up, took them off to Halifax, I think. And then about 2 weeks, I think it was, or 3 weeks after the wreck occurred, two bodies were picked up here in Sydney Harbour from it. There'd been a northeast wind for a few days, and I guess, between wind and currents, it washed the bodies right down here. They were identified by their military jackets, and the regimental button on the jackets. Two or three bodies were picked up here. There was another one picked up in Ingonish, went ashore in what they call Bear Cove there, you know, just inside Ingonish Island. What are some of the others? One was called the Norwegian, but I suspect that it was a ship by another name and was of Norwegian registry. Because I can't find anything anywhere under the name Norwegian. She's one of the ones that the hull is intact and the stern section is supported up off the seabed by a big rock. But there was a lot of interest in material supposed to be on 340 WELTON ST. K-MART PLAZA SYDNEY, NS B1P5S4 BRETON BEAUTY COLLEGE • Locally owned & operated • Qualified MHI instructors • Limited student enrollment • 8-month course • Student aid available • Licensed by Province of N. S. • U.I.C. sponsored program available • Modern training facilities • 3 enrollments a year: January, June, & September APPLY EARLY FOR OUR NEXT COURSE 562-1208 FULL HAIR CARE SERVICE Instructors: MARGARET McVICAR/GERRY CONDON Car In The Shop? Make Avis Your First Stop. If you have a problem with your own vehicle, Avis has the solution. Call Avis and choose from a wide range of cars and trucks to meet your needs. Avis features GM vehicles. Pontiac Sunbird. Call Today For Full Details And Reservations! Your address and phone number(s). Sydney-Glace Bay Hwy - 564-8341 Sydney Airport - 564-8265 AViS We're trying harder than ever. • 57
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