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> Issue 59 > Page 68 - Alex Poirier, Fisherman from Plateau

Page 68 - Alex Poirier, Fisherman from Plateau

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1 (212 reads)

Cheticamp Harbour, 1914 fellows came down and started to buy fish. There was the Robin Jones, there was Charlie Aucoin--and then the Co-op came down. (Where in all that was Fr. Fiset buying fish?) Well, he was buying fish at The Point. (Before Aucoin?) Yes. (So you were selling your fish to the Jersey firm. Did you ever think, "Well, maybe I'll sell my fish to Fr. Fiset"?) The both of them were buying then. (Can you tell me why you did not sell your fish to Fr. Fiset?) Well, you had trouble to get some money for them, you see? And the Robin Jones, if there was any money coming to you, there's no frigging, they'll give it to you. But Fr. Fiset, he didn't want to give you any money. He was, "Come on to the shop, I'll give you something--give you something for your money." If you had $20 coming, well, he didn't like to give you any money. But the Robin Jones, it wasn't like that. If there was anything coming to you, it was easy for them to give you the money, had lots of money, those fellows. They TAYLOR'S 'm DENTURE CLINIC I DENTURES | CONSTRUCTED, RELINED & REPAIRED J. B. TAYLOR • LICENSKl) DENTURIST D.V.A. & Dental Plans Accepted SPECIAL DISCOUNTS FOR SENIORS Registered with 'TAPS" (Services for Veterans) MONDAY-FRIDAY; 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. (AFTER HOURS ON REQUEST) 92 Charlotte St., Sydney 564-9111 Dave's Cycle Sales 455 GRAND LAKE RD., SYDNEY PHAZER: I The #1 selling snow- I mobile in the world, (To be sure I have it right--sometimes you had no money coming because you didn't catch enough fish to pay your debt.) Oh, yeah, that's it. (But if there was money coming, and it was time to settle, the Robin Jones would give you money.) Oh, yes, they'd give you all the money you want.(But Fr. Fiset preferred the system of trade.) Yeah. At the shop. (So you chose to fish with the Jersey firm.) Yes, rather than him. (I guess Fr. Fiset would have liked to have you fish for him?) Oh, yeah. (Did he ever ask you to?) Oh, yeah. Not much me because I was young, you know. When I started fishing, Fr. Fiset was dead. There was Levi and Corrad and Leo-- they were all Fisets, and they shared the island, but Levi was buying fish. And he died and then Corrad, his broth? er, went down to The Point there and bought fish. And I was fishing lobster for him. And I fished codfish for him. I was fishing lobster for 11 years. YAMAHA We make the difference. Yamaha is your #1 choice for 4-wheel drive. I was fishing lobster for the Co-op but I didn't have any boat. I had to go (to) the Robin Jones--they would CO-OP Building Supplies 870 King's Road, Sydney 539-6410 WE ARE MORE THAN JUST LUMBER!!! ?? PRESSURE TREATED LUMBER ?? PAINT/STAINS ?? FLCXDR COVERINGS ?? GYPROC ?? BATHROOM FIXTURES ?? VINYL REPLACEMENT WINDOWS ?? EAVESTROUGH ?? ROOFING MATERIALS ?? LIGHT FIXTURES ?? PLUMBING SUPPLIES ?? HARDWARE ?? COUNTER TOPS ?? VANITIES ?? SHOWERS ?? ROOF TRUSSES ?? DOORS ?? KITCHEN CABINETS ?? INSULATION I HOME & GARAGE PACKAGES I ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES I HEATING SUPPLIES I LUMBER I PLYWOODS EXPERIENCE ON YOUR SIDE OVER 39 YEARS EXPERIENCE
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