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Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1 (206 reads)

The Cape Breton Shelf: Cape Breton's Magazine Salutes MEN OF THE DEEPS on Their 25th Anniversary Here are a few recent Cape Breton books. "The Cape Breton Shelf" lists Cape Breton books as a service to our readers and as an en? couragement to publishers, large and small, to publish about Cape Breton. Please let us know about your new publications so we can include them in "The Cape Breton Shelf." Order these from your bookstore or from the publisher. (Remember to add 7% G.S.T., and $1.50 for postage and handling. Do not order these from Cape Breton's Magazine.) From MacMILLAN OF CANADA Wind, Whales & Whisky by Silver Donald Cameron. Silver Donald's account of a summer of sailing and visiting around Cape Breton Island with his wife Lulu and son Mark aboard their boat Silversark. For a sample frofti the book, see page 17. Price: $27.95. From UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF CAPE BRETON PRESS P.O. Box 5300, Sydney, N. S. B1P 6L2 Journey Through A Cape Breton County: Pioneer Roads in Richmond County by Arthur J. Stone. A readable, anecdotal account of the establishment of early roads and the St. Peter's Canal in Richmond County. Price $19.95. From GORDON PHOTOGRAPHIC LTD. 367 Charlotte St., Sydney, N. S. BIP 1 El Cape Breton Portrait by Warren Gordon. A book of photo? graphs of Cape Breton scenes and Cape Breton personalities. The third in a successful series. Price $29.95. From CRANFORD PUBLICATIONS Box 42, Little River, N. S. BOC 1 HO The Alexander Walker Collection. A spiral-bound book of 19th-century Scottish fiddle tunes; 196 melodies, from slow airs to driving reels. Price $17.50. From NIMBUS PUBLISHING LTD. P. O. Box 9301, Stn. A, Halifax, N. S. B3K 5N5 Louisbourg: An 18th-Century Town. A co-operative publica? tion produced by Canadian Parks Service, Cape Breton District School Board, and Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation. A text? book presentation of aspects of Fortress Louisbourg, aimed at schoolchildren, but of interest to general readers. Price: $17.95. From MEN OF THE DEEPS MUSIC 22 Carroll St., Glace Bay, N. S. B1A 3B3 Diamonds in the Rough by Allister MacGillivray. With oral history and a lot of photographs, this book celebrates 25 years of North America's only coal miners' choir. Price $12.98. From TAIGH NA CIUIL/ THE HOUSE OF MUSIC PO Box 31149, Robie R.P.O., Halifax, N. S. B3K 5T9 The Gathering of the Clans Collection: Pipe Music from Nova Scotia, Volume One. Music, photographs and historical sketches col? lected by Barry Shears. Original and traditional bag? pipe tunes, and wonderful photographs of Nova Scotia bagpipers. "Barry's a terrific composer" • Paul Cranford. Price $21.95 includes postage. Bagpipe Tune from Barry Shears' New Book A traditional reel common in the Boisdale-Frenchvale area • a pipe setting by Barry Shears based on the playing of piper Alex Currie, who learned it from his grandmother's jigging of the tune. J ' J I, ' i i ' • i '_ ' i i J "The Cape Breton Shelf" is an on-going listing of new Cape Breton books and tapes. Please let us know about your new tape or book project • when it comes out, or in advance. Write and give us the basic information: title, price, and where people can get it. Need a Radiator? Muffler? Shocks? Brakes? RAD-PRO Specializing in Radiator Repair & Recores Heaters Water Pumps, Etc. TWO LOCATIONS: Sydney [ 349 George St. - Downtown ' AND Port Hawkesbury Maclnnes Road at Specializing in Mufflers Brakes Shocks 'MASTER MUFFLER springs ]('il4LL'| Sydney: 562-2300 • Port Hawkesbury: 625-3781 Port Hawkesbury Centre''dney: 539-6691 • Port Hawkesbury: 625-3781 74
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