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Page 81 - Dr. Jack Yazer, Citizen

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1 (206 reads)

Dr. Jack Yazer, citizen continued from page 28 I started school in Central Schoolj here. I was going on 15, went with! kids 6 years old. That wasn't for me. That's when I was ready to go home. And I wanted to go home. And I quit there, and then I went peddling.... My uncle (Morris Spinner) had Spinner's store at that time. But he also did a little bit of ped? dling, which he did originally. And my aunt, Mrs. Cohen, she had a little grocery store, candy store, whatever you call it. And my brother (Mendel) was already ped? dling. He peddled two years ahead of me.... Another thing just hit me, when I was still in Poland--you know, certain things stick out. I remem? ber breaking into a place to--in the orchard, to steal apples. It wasn't because I wanted an apple, it's just that--you know, it was food. And I remember getting caught. You see, I went in, like, over the fence, and I got caught. But the owner that caught me had two big dogs. I don't remember what kind of dogs. And I had the apples. And he took the apples back from me, he led me--showed me where the gate was. And he sicced the dogs after me. He sicced his two dogs after me. And to this day, when a dog chases me, my hair stands up. I can still see the two dogs, like, over my shoulders, you know, jump? ing, jumping on me. And me running out. And I remember when I was peddling in Cape North, Sunrise Valley, I think it was, or, no, it was on the other side. And I remember that I picked up a stone--there was a dog chasing me or coming towards me--and I picked up, like this--I remember the dog jumping on the back of my pack. As I said, my hair just--even now, I've had dogs, I pet with them, and everything else. But some? times, they come out of nowhere in a hurry, I can just feel my hair stand up. And I re? member this, when this guy was throwing the apples at me and sicced the dogs on me. (Tell me about starting to peddle.) See, my brother (Mendel) peddled before, so that he knew what I had to have. We used to have in the bottom of the pack, like, pair of jeans, overalls. Then the next thing was underwear. Then you'd have sweaters , and Jack's brottier, Mendel Yazer dress shirts, you know. Few pair of pants--build up the pants. Maybe the pack was as big as this, you know, from the floor. This high. Maybe a j fraction wid-J er than that. ?? (So it's about two feet high. And maybe 2 1/2 feet wide.) Yeah. Could be a little bit smaller than that. It's a regular pack. 849-4505 16 Reserve St., Glace Bay 1/. 3. McQiCCivray 'uneraC9-Come Lt?? V. J. McGILLIVRAY AMBULANCE SERVICE FUNERAL DIRECTORS & EMBALMERS Established Since 1938 Complete Funeral Arrangements • Including Pre-Arranged Funeral Services Al! Pre Paid Funeral Accounts Are Deposited "In Trust" in a Canadian Trust Company 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE 862-6439 380 Smith SL, New Waterford
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