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Page 84 - Dr. Jack Yazer, Citizen

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1 (176 reads)

then.) Oh, yeah. When I first came, I learned to speak more Gaelic than I learned English, when I went peddling. I used to be able to sort of pick a few words, put together, in Gaelic. Especially in North Shore. I remember there used to be--she had two boys--Angus was a minister. And she had Tommy--oh, I think he got blind, there--he lived in Skir Dhu. He was a MacDonald. His brother Angus MacDonald used to be a min? ister. Just at the bridge there in Skir Dhu. Well, their mother--his mother--I can picture her. I've told that story a mil? lion times--when I first came there--she just thought I was God. And she had no English. And she always used to wear black dress, you know, black gown. And I remem? ber I was eating porridge in the morning, and I had my spoon in my hand like this. And she put her arms around me like this way--and then she'd pick (up) my hand this way, to put the spoon in my mouth. She wouldn't take the spoon, but she moved by Discover Richmond County From Johnstown to Arichat, Lx)uisdale to Loch Lx)mond, an extraordinary mixture of Acadian and Irish, Micmac and Scottish traditions welcomes the visitor. The setting is the quiet beauty of Richmiond County. The culture and heritage are centuries old. We invite you to take Route 4, the road that leads through Richmond County. It is the road less travelled, and it will make all the difference in your Cape Breton Vacation. MUNICIPALITY OF THE COUNTY OF RICHMOND hand--you know, like she was feeding me. And she used to go like this. Look me in the face and say this. "You are pack too." "You are pack too." "You little black Jew." When she said, "You are pack too"-- but you could see the love--"You are pack too." (She'd want to feed you.) Feed you, yeah. But she didn't take the spoon. But she'd move my hand. And she had her arm right around my neck, the one side. And she's bent over me on the table. You could see the whole family--they liked you so much.... So when you came there, you actually brought them something, you know. Some? thing to look forward to. Like, you'd go, let's say, in the wintertime, when we had the stove, and it was really cold. And we'd open the stove door. And you'd put chairs--you know, you were just sitting almost in each other's lap, trying to put your feet on this door. And they'd keep on asking you questions and all this stuff. They asked me where I came from, and where did I come from today, and who did I stay with. You know, what's Sydney like, some? times they would ask. (Did they know about Europe at all?) No. (They wouldn't ask about that.) No, no. (But to know about Sydney.) Yeah. (Were they interested in world news?) Not too much, no. See, those times, everybody was wrapped up in this one little part of the world. For instance in the summertime they used to get enough highway work to pay the taxes. At that time they used to get 35C an hour.... People that had the ROUTE 4 The road less travelled! La Cuisine Acadienne f''-'m Fish & Steakhouse rA 'L Restaurant & Dining Room 1'''''.''' * Fully Licensed * l''c)harcoal Steaks • Seafoods a Speciality Home Cooked Meals • Meat Pies Pizzas • Light Snacks • Chinese Food At Louisdale (902) 345-2817 Your Host: Lome Marchand Seating 125 OPEN ALL YEAR! Acadian Cuisine in a traditional setting Newly Renovated. Luxury accommodations in a 19th Century period setting. At Arichat on Isle Madame Call: (902) 226-2200 Discover Cape Breton Differently! KAYAK TOURS INSTRUCTION • RENTALS • KAYAKS • CANOES • BIKES • • OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT • LOG CABINS on the Bras d'Or Lake Ask for brochure: KAYAK CAPE BRETON R. R. 2, West Bay, N. S. BOE 3K0 OR PHONE (902) 535-3060
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