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Page 91 - Dr. Jack Yazer, Citizen

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1 (203 reads)

give it to him. But he just trusted me with the bank account, just go there. Another time--some places religion was very big, too. You know, like. Catholics and Protestants, there was still a certain amount of--in places. I remember this fellow in Middle River. His daughter married a Catholic. And oh, he didn't want to have any? thing to do with her. And I had to try to tell him --I said, "Look, she's still your daughter," and all that stuff. But they--a lot of them, they'd come and tell me things that I don't think they'd tell" anybody else. But they " just trusted me, tell me their troubles. And that continued when I was in the store. Peo? ple would come in, con? fide (in) me. (Did you peddle in the wintertime as well...?) I did some in the win? ter, but most of it in the summer and the fall. But the first winter I carried the pack was very rough. I remember I think it was on Boisdale, it was so slippery. And I was going up two feet and come back 10, you know. And I was ready to commit suicide.... hill--and I didn't want to sell it to them! I just didn't sell it to them. But then, a lot of days you went, you didn't sell a sin? gle thing. The next time you would.... A lot of things that happened there. But in general they would give you the shirt off of their back if they liked you. They'd go away fish- ing--3, 4 o'clock in the morning. They'd leave you with their wives, their daugh? ters. There was no-- there was never any question of anything there.... But this was experi? ences I had. You can't buy it for money. In places--kids wouldn't go to school, they'd come with me in the wagon. There was a .'Kerr fellow in Cape 'North. And the young fellow wouldn't go to school when I was there. Pete Kerr's son, yeah.... Q'' And I remember going into this house, and they wanted to buy a pair of braces, I think, for 750. And they offered me 50C for it. After me carrying the pack way up the I carried the pack mostly, then I went to the horse-and-wagon. ' And then my brother One of the interests that held through his life was skill with • ' • • .'_' 'JL i.,_. • -__ horses. Here, Jack Yazer rides in a parade In Sydney Mines, si'arrea rne Dusiness '' (a store in Sydney Mines), and I still went with the horse. And then I gave up the horse and I went to work with him in the store. Yazer Broth? ers. He took me as a partner; he started at it... . CHECK OUT THE FULL LINE OF MAZDA'S CARS, VANS, & TRUCKS AT CAPE BRETON'S NEWEST IMPORT DEALER 1 HOWARD NARDOCCHIO • GENERAL MANAGER We are very excited to have been appointed to represent MAZDA in Cape Breton and look forward to providing quality sales & service for a quality product. WBBSaSk "IT JUST FEELS RIGHT" We had a nice Jewish community. Then, the Pier was fairly big. Glace Bay had a big Jewish commu? nity. I went to Sydney Mines with my brother--we were just batching, you know, we were boarding. But see, I found it hard here. Like, you'd ask for a Jew? ish girl to go out: "I'm busy"--I'm this and this and that, you see. So natu? rally you went with (girls that were not Jewish). At that time you were consid- Island 195 PRINCE ST. • SYDNEY, N.S. PH: 564-6668
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