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Inside Back Cover - Advert: St. Ann's Gaelic College

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/1/1 (147 reads)

l'hc Qadic Coittgt of Cdtic Rrts & Crafts For brochures and application forms, write to: P. O. Box 9, Badclecl<, Nova Scotia BOE 1B0 • Phone (902) 295-3411 Located on the Cabot Trail 1 km. North from Exit 11 on the Trans-Canada Highway We Are Open 7 Days a Week to Welcome Visitors to Our GREAT HALL OF THE CLANS CRAFT CENTRE SCOTTISH TEA ROOM July 1 to October 15 TRADITION CONTINUES WITH THE S4'H 9ion/jisccyTiJi g''ELIC MOTf '??u??ust 6 - 3,1992 ~ Competitions and Concerts in tfie Cdtic Jlrts ~ IT'S HERE! The Gaelic College's first textbook series: Qaidfitig n'roimfi Cfiomfiradfi by Catriona Parsons The Gaelic Beginner: STEP1 Text & 3 cassette tapes: $29.95 The Gaelic Beginner: STEP 2 Text & 3 cassette tapes: $29.95 (plus GST, shipping & handling) A must for those learning Gaelic! Summer Scfioot Courses in: Cape Breton Fiddle Highland Dancing Bagpipe Music • Gaelic Language Cape Breton Stepdancing • Drumming Piano Accompaniment for Cape Breton Fiddle ADULT SESSION ONLY: Scottish Country Dancing • Weaving 3 SESSIONS: July 5 - 17 July 19 - 31 ADULT SESSION: August 9 - 21 'uiZTilOSttll Travel and Learning for Seniors on the Move! We Guarantee you will Never run out of oil That's a bold statement and one that only Esse makes. We're proud of our delivery commitment and proud of our people who guarantee you will never run out of oil this winter. And to prove our commitment we back it with this FREE oil offer. We'll give 450 litres FREE to any of our automatic delivered customers who run out of oil this winter. So forget those empty feelings and discover one more reason for dealing...with Esso. Call us today. Sydney 539-3350 Baddeck 295-2943
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