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Page 4 - Margaret Neil James - A Love Story

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1 (248 reads)

and dig and dig until he got so tired of it. He dug that foundation. And then Dan Jessome in George's River was a carpenter, and he hired him. And he built the house. But see, it made us learn to get along with one an? other and to help one an? other. We all helped milk? ing. I think we had 10 cows milking at the time. And there was a barn full of creatures. And we had hors? es and we did our own work. We sold milk to the dairy in Sydney. And the boys did the real hardest work. But we all had to chip in. I remember going with horse and wagon up to the end of the road--the Leitches Creek Road there--meeting the milk truck, with my father. My father sitting in the wagon. My father was blind, but the stranger wouldn't know my father was blind. So there was a man in the wagon. Because very often then--there weren't too many cars, see. So you'd have to jump out of the wagon and hold the horse while a car went by. (Your father was blind.) My father went blind shortly after he got hurt, from the accident. He got a piece of steel in his eye.... When he got hurt, he got one hip A rough but valued photograph of the Neil Beaton family • children, spouses, and grandchildren • including Sisters Florence, Elizabeth, and Mary. Joe's Warehouse The Food Emporium Cape Breton's Largest and Finest Restaurant Specializing in Aged Prime Cuts of Roast Beef and Steaks and One of the Most Unique Salad Bars in the Maritimes CABARET Live Entertainment Nightly! 424 Charlotte Street 539-6686 539-0408 RESTAURANT LOUNGE D BANQUET FACILITIES AVAILABLE D fractured, and he broke one. So he was 30 days in North Sydney hospital. But he also got a piece of steel in his eye, at the same time, in the same accident. But at that time an eye doctor wouldn't come in the hospital to see you, because anything they had was stationary in their office, to test anybody. So he had to wait until after he got out of the hospital, to go see about his eye. And he went over to the doctor in Sydney to see about his eye. And the doctor told him that there wasn't a great lot he could do, but he could operate on him. The piece of steel was behind his eye. But there was only a 50/50 chance that the op? eration would be successful. And it could kill him, you know, because it was so handy the brain. So my father said, "No, I won't have it. Because." he said, "I have a big U-DO ' CRAFT SUPPLIES LOCAL CRAFTS 'WICKER AND WOOD Crafts & Supplies AND MUCH MUCH MORE! Drop in and e'njoy our lar'e selection Jor your personal use or Jor gijts. 1818 KING'S ROAD, SYDNEY B1P6G5 564-9877 Centre for International studies • DE60UDCE CENTDE • Over 3000 Books, Magazines & Periodicals on • Development • Environment • Economic • Other Critical International Issues ~ Available Throughout Cape Breton ~ Phone 562-6090 Or Visit Us at 390 Charlotte Street 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday COFFEE • VIDEOS PHOTOCOPYING For SCHOOL & COMMUNITY PROGRAMS call 929-2063 or 539-5300 ext. 267
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