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Page 7 - Margaret Neil James - A Love Story

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1 (291 reads)

somebody needed anything, she was gone to help her. When she died, a lady came into her wake and said she came to represent her family, because many's the pound of butter and many's the gallon of butter? milk and cream that was left at their gate that they never ever paid for. It was just left because there was a big family there.... When I grew up, I thought that I would like to be a Sister, because I worked with the Sisters in the hospital in North Sydney, and then I worked in the orphanage in Bras d'Or for awhile. But even before that, I thought about being a Sister. And I used to talk to my father about it. Because there was never a Sister from Bras d'Or parish joined the St. Marthas until my sisters did. But anyway, I gathered some (information) and asked some questions and all. So then this day I went home. He'd be out at the woodpile. He was blind, you know. But he'd mark the stick of wood with his arm. And he'd saw the wood. So he was sitting out on the woodpile. And I went out and I said to him, "Daddy, you know what? I was thinking that there's some- See life as it was In Cape Breton during the 19th century. Nova Scotia Highland Village The Highland Village shows examples of dwellings built in Scotland, the first homes built with basic tools in Cape Breton, as well as buildings that exemplify the settlers' firm foothold in the new land. More than half of the planned buildings are completed, and work goes on. Come see us grow. Margaret at Baddecl( before she went to lona thing more I can do to save my soul than to lock myself up in a convent." And he said, "Well, dear, if that's what you think, you'd better not go for awhile yet. You think about it." During that year my sisters went to work at the orphan? age, too. Because the or? phanage was in Bras d'Or, and we used to go down quite a bit too, if they needed help and that. So, they were working down there. And the next thing I heard was they '' were going to be Sisters, in a convent.... My sisters went to be nuns. Sisters Mary and Elizabeth went in August 1952 and Sister Flor? ence went in August 1953. So I just didn't say any? thing more about it. Because I felt that there were my parents--and at that time if you went to the Sisters, you didn't dare think of coming home. Suppos? ing people died, you might get home, but you might not, too. So I said there was no way I was going to leave my parents like that. And my older sisters were working, and one was married at that time, and the other one--I think Ann was married then, too. So I decided, "To heck with this. I'm going to keep on working as I am." OPEN DAILY JUNE 15 to SEPTEMBER 15 MONDAY - SATURDAY 9 to 5/SUNDAY 11 to 6 The Highland Village is located at lona on Route 223 which leaves the Trans-Canada (Route 105) about 7 miles east of Whycocomagh. Route 223 Is a scenic altemative paved route eastward to the Sydney area. Two short ferry rides provide pleasant breaks in the drive. Highland Village Day AUGUST 1 • 31st year of this festival featuring traditional Scottish entertainment The green hills of Cape Breton, the sparkling waters of the Bras d'Or Lakes and warm highland hospitality await you at Ihe 'igfiCancC 'eiffHts Inn A cozy retreat off the beaten track, but on the road to every? where in Cape Breton. Day trip to Fortress Louisbourg, beautiful Arichat or the Alexander Graham Bell museum in Baddeck. Visit the Puffin Islands, explore sandy beaches, see a replica of a 19tl century Scottish Village. Then return to your home away from home. Ihe tHighland 'Heights Inn offers you a view of the Bras d'Or Lakes, private baths, two doubi beds in each room, and pleasant, relaxing surroundings plus a licensed dining room with a full menu of seafood and local dishe Innkeepers Bruce and Sheila MacNeil >#a pMun
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