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Page 9 - Advert: Be Boat Smart

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1 (300 reads)

A wwd from the wise: Be Boat Smart Smart boaters plan ahead. They know that a terrific boating season starts with more than just a new coat of wax. It means taking the time to make sure your boat is up to snuff from top to bottom. Breakdowns can quickly deteriorate into life-threatening situations. So keep the odds stacked in your favour by preparing your boat thoroughly carrying a complete set of safety equipment, and knowing how to use it. The Coast Guard can help you prepare, by providing a host of information to help maximize your safety and peace of mind. Just call our toll-free Boating Safety Information Hotline at I 800 267-6687. Boating is fun...but be prepared. NATIONAL SAFE BOATING WEEK: JUNE 7 - 13, 1992 1'1 (Canadian ?? tB Coast Guar Garde cotiere canadienne Canada
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