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> Issue 60 > Page 22 - A Visit with Winston Ruck, Steelworker

Page 22 - A Visit with Winston Ruck, Steelworker

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1 (257 reads)

And he was a very powerful man. You didn't stand up to him. His word was law. The only body higher than him was the su? perintendent; but he was one that wielded the power--the day-to-day power. He would be the guy that would be responsible for day-to-day discipline. If it came to his Cedar House Bakery and Restaurant 674-2929 OPEN DAILY FOR BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER bread • scones • oatcakes • cookies • pies TRANS-CANADA HWY NEAR SEAL ISLAND BRIDGE attention that you left the job early, for example, he's going to deal with you the next time he sees you. (What do you mean by "deal with you"?) Oh, he would shame you in front of a lot of people. He'd call you and he'd give you an awful going over. Boy, you got a tongue- lashing from him. You didn't want to go back for a second dose. No sir-ee. He dressed you down something terrible. And he would send you home. "You don't come back until I call you." Or else if he wanted to discipline you, he'd tell you, "Now, you go home, and don't come out no more until the back- shift . And you stay on the back- Imagine this ing your office... Imagine a career at sea... becoming an officer in the Canadian Coast Guard. If you are finishing Grade 12 plus 6 OACs (Ontario), CEGEP 1 (Quebec) or Grade 12 (other provinces) in your university preparatory program this year, if you excel at math and physics, and if you think big... Head for the freedom, the excitement and the challenge of a sea-going career with the Canadian Coast Guard. 1'1 The lbiir-ear (Canadian (.oast Guard officer training plan offers: • Tuition-free training • A monthly allowance • Practical sea training • A modem, attractive campus in Sydney, with private rooms • A guaranteed position as a ship's officer after graduation :1 Canadian Coast Guard College Canada shift. That was his way of disci? plining. And you wouldn't get any work any place else. If he sen? tenced you to the backshift, you stayed on the backshift. You'd have a hard, hard time--'cause eve? ry time he saw you he would re? member you. And he knew he put you on the back- shift. I don't know how you could get out of it, 'cause you dare not go and ask him. You had to find another department who were looking for extra men, in or? der to beat the rap. For example, if I knew the Open Hearth wanted men down in the la? bour gang, and I was under this sentence for all backshift, I'd get my uncle or somebody to see if they could get the foreman down there to take me. But (that fellow) could interfere there too. Once he found out you were doing it. He could interfere there, 'cause his
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