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> Issue 60 > Page 26 - A Visit with Winston Ruck, Steelworker

Page 26 - A Visit with Winston Ruck, Steelworker

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1 (240 reads)

That's all we're talking about. Many of the other grievance committees actually assisted and practiced racial discrimina? tion and religious discrimination. (Gener? al Yard Grievance Committee) wouldn't sup? port it. These guys were guys that would bring up cases on the floor (of the union hall). A lot of it sometimes was of a discriminato? ry nature--not necessarily of racial, it could be religion, you know, or nationali? ty. They would never get any support from (the president) on it. Oh, he'd pay lip service to it at the meeting. But he would avoid a clash with the management person? nel who were responsible for what's going on. He'd never deal with it. He'd find some way to avoid it, by making promises about "It won't happen no more," and they were talking to this man and they were talk? ing- -it was just only a cover, (How many terms did that person serve as presi? dent?) He served about three terms. (The steelworkers put him back in three times.) At least three times. But he had a big fol? lowing. (What does that tell you?) Well, it tells you that the steelworkers weren't paying a close attention to the politics of the union as they should have been.... (Three terms.) Not in a row. He was defeat? ed. He was there in '56, in '58. Jim Ryan defeated him. Then he in turn defeated Jim the next time around. And he held on for a couple of terms. Because he was president when I was elected to the executive in 1964. He was there at the time of Black Friday in '67. And I defeated him in 1970 But anyhow, let' discrimination. get back to the Jf? Your UAP/NAPA Store • Automotive Parts & Supplies • Hydraulic Hoses • Avex Brake Linings & Parts • Motors for All Types of Vehicles • Autobody Supplies • Marine Engine Supplies KEN-LEE AUTO SUPPLY 736-6243 377 Villa Dr., Sydney Mines Beautiful Bras d'Or Invites You So, there was discrimination practiced on the plant--combination of management and men. In many cases the people who were working on the plant aided and abetted it. 'Cause it was known, for example, that the bricklayers would not take on people of different nationalities. They discriminat? ed against blacks--blacks couldn't get a job--that is, to be a bricklayer. You could be a bricklayer helper. That's all. People of foreign extraction from Europe could not get a job with the bricklayers. That's the union itself. If you didn't come in the union, you couldn't get a job as a bricklayer. controlled the membership. They And there was no doubt about it, there were a couple of people, the men that I knew-- HILLTOP TRAILER SERVICES and AUTO GLASS • complete line of RV parts & accessories • service to all mali??u'i??iVm BRAS D'OR READY TO RUN The McCulloch Roadrunner • ' ' String Trimmer comes assembled (except for the debris shield) and set to go! • Tougii 21.2cc gas engine • Primer carburetor • 44" flex sliaft • Electronic ignition for easy starts • 17" cutting swatii and semi-automatic iiead YOUNG'S POWER EQUIPMENT LTD. MillvMIe • Boularderie • Phone 674-2008 Mcculloch LICKACHICK Trans-Canada Highway, Bras d'Or • Tel. 736-9496 Chicken from 1-Piece Packs Up to 20-Piece Barrels with Fries - Cole Slaw - Salads & Beverages I Check out our full menu! | Ideal for: • Snack • Party • Picnic "Se' XoMtl/ig, CMekm an thz Wxindl" "ARM OF GOLD" Campground & Trailer Park Open Field on Lake • Showers • Town Water • Flush Toilets • Washrooms • 35 Acres • Sewage Disposal Tables • Rec Hall Groceries • Ice Laundromat • Canteen 46UNSERVICEDSrTES OPEN MAY 15 to OCTOBER 15 Phone (902) 736-6516 or 736-6671 on Route 105 at Little Bras d'Or, Cape Breton 2miUsfr(mliJniiff(mndhnd'errji Bras d'Or: A Cape Breton Island Centre
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