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> Issue 60 > Page 36 - Murdena Marshall: Mi'kmaq Godparents

Page 36 - Murdena Marshall: Mi'kmaq Godparents

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1 (276 reads)

a woman)--mental picture of a woman comes into view because the person who's uttered that word's a woman. And same with a boy. Well, anyway, this mentor or this person is picked by your parents, way before you are born. They look at community members and look for qualities in community mem? bers. And who would make a good parent or good godparent if something should happen to us in early life. Or if something hap? pens to our grandparents. Or if something happens that the whole family's wiped out and there's only the surviving kid. So they look at the community as a whole and pick out an individual. They pick' out two individuals. Because the baby's not born yet. And they're asked--both of these prospective godparents are asked if they would consider being a godparent. Now, they're asked. And in some cases, even the godparent themselves come to the house and ask if they could possibly have the honour of being the godparents. In some cases. But in most cases it was the parents go and ask. So when the baby's born--if it's a girl, the male mentor is out of the picture, temporarily. And concentration is held on the godmother, if it's a girl. And from your early age, from the time you can re- The word nkekunit (my godparent) literally translates "s/he has me in his/her posses? sion, I belong to him/her." Nklnikn (my god? child) translates into "my pillar of strength, my Strength lies with her/him, my strong? hold." • Murdena Marshall member, you are al? ways told that you have a godparent. And that this god? parent is a good person. You always hear positive things about your godpar? ent; there are never negative things. That this godparent is there for you if you ever need. And the bond is very, very, very, very, very evident in be? tween godparent and godchild, even to? day. And as soon as the baby's born, this godparent comes often and there's a bond? ing between the baby and the godparent. And that bonding con? tinues through life. If you are a girl, the godparent is the one that tells you about your puberty age, you know, what happened to you when you (become a woman). She'll be able to explain to you rationally, you know, she'll be able to do it without embarrass? ment because she is not your mother and she is not your grandmother, but someone who's neutral. So you're able to ask these questions that you won't be able to ask your parents, your mother or your grand- JOIN THE CELEBRATION! An Educational and Entertainment Event for the Whole Family! IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT ''' TOMMY HUNTER JULY 16-19,1992 World Trade Centre & Halifax Metro Centre HALIFAX Tickets may be purchased at participating Sobeys Stores in the Maritimes beginning in June. $5.00/day or $10.00/4-day pass! (AT THE DOOR: $6.00/day or $11.00/4-day pass) Senior Citizens'Secretariat H ROYAL BANK m - • ? ' MMirNava AirCanada The Citadel Ln Halifax thechronicie-herald ,'- • 'f''' • • ;-, ' . ' The Mail-Star '''??) /obe//* Swing to the Big Band Dance Sounds with the JOHN ALPHONSE ORCHESTRA on Opening Night & performances by senior entertainers all weekend! THE MEN OF THE DEEPS! If you would like more Information, please contact: Seniors' EXPO, P.O. Box 2065, Halifax, N. S. B3J 2Z1 • (902) 424-7957
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