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Page 48 - Edith Pelley, William Davis's Daughter

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1 (357 reads)

where they went--somewheres outside of Sydney. And Mum came out on the step. She thought it was another riot. So they said, "Oh, there's Mrs. Davis. We'd better go." So the men all left. So when we came home. Mum was saying, "What were they talking about?" I said, "They were telling (that couple) to get out of town." (Who was the couple?) They were--they call them "scabs"--called him a scab. Same as (another fellow). Somebody said (he) went down in the mines when the miners all went out on strike. He went down to work. And when he came home, he was sitting at the table eating and some? body said, "They're coming to get you." And he jumped through the screen door and swam across the lake. He got away. And then I guess they--they had a lot of the (company) cops and that, in jail--put them in jail. But they had to take them out through the night, and take them to Sydney jail. Because the miners all got Discover Richmond County From Johnstown to Arichat, Louisdale to Loch Lomond, an extraordinary miixture of Acadian and Irish, Micmac and Scottish traditions welcomes the visitor. The setting is the quiet beauty of Richmond County. The culture and heritage are centuries old. We invite you to take Route 4, the road that leads through Richmond County. It is the road less travelled, and it will make all the difference in your Cape Breton Vacation. MUNICIPALITY OF THE COUNTY OF RICHMOND down and were going to tear the police station down. It was pretty wild. (How did your mom react to your father's death?) Oh, she took it hard. She took it hard. They waked him down at my grandmoth? er's- -at her mother's. And she was sitting at the casket when somebody came in and gave her an envelope with money in it. She said she didn't know who it was. But she never took her eyes off his face. She just kept watching him. After--I went home afterwards, and some of the neighbours were in. They dressed me up, and I went back down to see my father. And when I got in the room, there was only one woman. And she picked me up, and she said, "Give your father a kiss." And I said, "Oh, is he ever cold!" I thought he was awful cold, and some stiff. But I can remember that right well. (At the time, did you and your family re? alize the importance of what had hap? pened?) Well. no. They never could find out who did it. Now, there was a fellow from Glace Bay wanted to see my mother--he was dying. And she wouldn't go to see him. Because she thought that he was going to say that he had killed him. But he didn't. He didn't kill him at all. It was a stray bullet that caught him. Caught him right through the heart. He put his hand in his pocket and he said, "Oh, I've got the ba? by's nipple. Myrtle'll be looking every? where for the nipple. I'd better get back home." And he turned to come home, when he was shot. ROUTE 4 The road less travelled! PREMIUM SEAFOOD!' Arichat, N.S. BOE 1A0 Specializing in high quality FRESH FROZEN boneless Seafoods of all species. A Buyer, a Processor, a Distributor dealing directly with the food service industry. Specialty cuts or specialty packaging, we can design the product for you. Come talk to us! Give us a ring! Weekly Halifax & Dartmouth Deliveries. Wholesale & Retail. Bus: (902) 226-2633 • Fax:(902)226-1263 Edgar Samson & Brian Samson L'AUBERGE ACADIENNE INN OPEN ALL YEAR! Acadian Cuisine in a traditional setting Newly Renovated. Luxury accommodations in a 19th Century period setting. At Arichat on Isle Madame Call: (902) 226-2200 Discover Cape Breton Differently! KAYAK TOURS INSTRUCTION • RENTALS • KAYAKS • CANOES • BIKES • • OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT • LOG CABINS on the Bras d'Or Lake Ask for brochure: KAYAK CAPE BRETON R. R. 2, West Bay, N. 8. BOE 3K0 OR PHONE (902) 535-3060
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