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Page 62 - Peter Buffett and the Shark

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1 (219 reads)

Your grandfather (Ron Ingraham, Karla's grandfather)--he's a good seaman. And he couldn't see right in the hole, you know, the hole where I was into. And by and by, he didn't know where I went, so he came up. He just about come in--the water was deep there so he come right in. And when he come in, I screeched to him. I got aboard the dory, went out, got aboard the boat. He didn't know what happened to me. So that was all the story. The shark never got me, but the dory! When we came in, when we looked at the dory, whew I heard the shake, that's where he grabbed the do? ry. And these big splinters of wood about 6 inches long, you know, on the edge of the plank--where he tore that off. (Did he ruin the boat?) No, no, he never ruined it, no. Just the pages off of the plank, you know. See, she's what they call lap- GILLIS iibmecare ?? BUILDING CENTREH wmmwi THAT NEW HOME CALL US FOR AN ESTIMATE FLOOR & ROOF TRUSSES located behind Foodtown IGA Kings Road & Lewis Drive KINGS ROAD SYDNEY RIVER 539-0738 Since 1914 H. H. Marshall Limited 'WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS OF PERIODICALS & BOOKS' 3 Corporate Head Office Halifax, N. S. 3731 Macintosh Street (? B3K 5N5 L H. H. MARSHALL Founder and First President (1884-1923) H. H. MARSHALL LIMITED TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN OUR COMMUNITY AND THE MANY PEOPLE WE SERVE. IT HAS GIVEN US OUR VALUED HERITAGE AND WE LOOK FORWARD I TO AN EXCITING FUTURE. I BRANCH OFFICES CHARLOTTETOWN ST. JOHN'S SYDNEY H. H. Marshall LIMITED 103 York Street, Sydney (539-3220) DEALER INOUIRIES WELCOMED 'r' work dory, and those hinges (go over). It wasn't smooth at all--lapwork--one would lap over the other, you know. See, she took the hinges off of this one up here. And oh, 6 or 7 plank on each side, big splinters about 6 inches long. I had seen--I believe I had seen thousands of sharks, you know, like (out at) St. Paul's, everywhere. I've seen big ones and small ones. That was the first one I ever.... (So you were never bothered after that by sharks.) No, never bothered afterwards, no. (What do you think was wrong with that one?) I don't know. I think--what I think it was--the propeller. When I was stopped, he would have been there, you know. The propeller was going around. When I took her out of gear, the propeller wouldn't be going around then. But he came up, I sup? pose, and--I don't know--he could see this--propeller was white. And he grabbed the boat, anyway. And I suppose, when the propeller was going--when he grabbed the last time, the propeller was going around, he might have thought it was some kind of a fish or something. Must have cut his throat with that. Was some blood. (Do you think that it lived after that, after grabbing the propeller, and all the blood?) No, he let go. No, I never saw him after that. I never stopped to look! Peter chuckles. (You must have been awfully scared.) Oh, yes, I got an awful fright, you know, yes, because I'd never seen one do that before. It's pretty hard to know what made him do it. If he was going around the boat, he could see me, you know, 'cause it was only a small boat. So I was moving around, he'd know there was something alive. I suppose he just pushed his head in over that. A shark'11 come up. you know, he'll come push his head out of the water anyway, if you've got some bait or something out fishing. A shark comes around. He'll come push his head right out CAPE BRETON REGIONAL TRANSIT AUTHORITY TRANSIT INFO 539-8124 PEOPLE ON THE MOVE Get your DISCOUNT BUS TICKETS at Shoppers Drug Mart stores in Industrial Cape Breton
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