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Page 64 - Peter Buffett and the Shark

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1 (181 reads)

And you couldn't find him.) No, I couldn't. But see, I used to drop him off. And he would haul along by the shore, and I would haul outside. But I had to go far? ther down. I used to go pretty near to Bay St. Lawrence. And when I would come back--what they called Old Steamer--there was an old steamer ashore there--we had mackerel nets. And he would be down there, hauling the nets. When I got back this day, there was no sign of him. But the wind was southerly, and that was blowing on the shore. Well, I know if something happened (to Peter) that the boat wouldn't go off from the shore--she wouldn't drift out. could see there were pieces taken out of the planks on the boat. But I thought he myst have hit her in the rocks when he was in on this beach. So when he got out--his cap was gone. He said. "Am I white?" I said, "No." "Well," he said, "if you saw me half an hour or so ago, I must have been white." And I said, "What hap? pened?" Then he got telling me about this shark. I guess he was shoving his head right in over the do? ry and, God, he filled it about half full of water. Peter had a gaff. He Ron Ingraham and Peter Buffett pounded - -1 don't know if he broke the gaff off now or not, but he--he lost his cap, anyway. So, I started up the shore--no sign of the boat, no sign of it. God, I was getting pretty scared. 'Cause I was getting up pretty close to where I had dropped him off in the morning--not too far. And when I got up to the Watering Hole, they call it--the Newfoundland boats, swordfishing, used to go in there and get their water. See. in the summertime, like, in Dingwall, water'd be scarce. Lot of boats would go in there with a dory and a barrel, and get their water. So when I got up. anyway, up abreast of this cove, my God, Peter was in, with the dory all on the beach. I couldn't figure out what happened. Anyway, when he saw me, he came out. And when he was coming out, I But he got an awful scare. And he said, "He grabbed my motor when I was going around the point." And when we got in Dingwall, we took the motor off. And the back, by the blades, there's a fin, like, on there. And that's where he grabbed the propeller. And you could see the marks of his teeth where he--just like you took a file and filed this thing. God, we must have been fishing together 8 or 9 years, I guess. I'm telling you. he got an awful scare. Our thanks to Karla Ingraham, who interviewed and photo? graphed toward a number of stories, as the 1991 University of King's College School of Journalism intern with Cape Breton's Magazine. We hope to offer more of her work In the future. WE BUY AND WE SELL AND WE'RE AS NEAR AS YOUR TELEPHONE Sid's Used Furniture Phone 564-6123 436 Charlotte Street, Sydney Nightingale Nursing Services iZI 24 hours; 7 days a week service iZI R.N.'s - C.N.A.'s {21 Homemakers & babysitters i2 Care provided in home or hospital {21 Bonded & insured {21 Reasonable rates FULL TIME R.N. NURSING SUPERVISION Local People 562-6274 Professionally Serving Local Needs qvDNFY SERVING ALL CAPE BRETON ISLAND /'Q'Kws orguv(g| CcxJUco 2 'P(mx4. V SuOitf %atMm ('//qroiiuUXiaos 7b CA(' S{ ,n
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