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Page 75 - William D. Roach, Woodcarver

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1 (123 reads)

there's something I forgot to mention. In the 14 years I was in Ontario, with drink? ing and all that, I put the carving aside completely. All art: no drawing, no noth? ing. And within those 14 years, I met my wife, I got married. When I used to drink, I used to tell my wife, "I can carve. I can draw." And she used to say, "Yeah, yeah." Because when we moved back here--and I straightened out--I quit the drinking and I quit all this--I started carving. Then she told me, she said, "When you used to tell me you could do all this stuff." she said, "I thought it was all booze talk. But," she said, "you really can do it," Well, I knew all the way that I could. And it had never left me, even through my hardest times, I was always thinking of the arts. So everything I dreamed of mak? ing, in those 14 years that I was com? pletely idle on the arts--I was just like a volcano, you know. Just erupting. All this stuff I had in my mind, I didn't even have to think--it was there, you know, I'd just grab my knife and my piece of wood and just go to it. And manys the time I had said in my carv? ing days, earlier carving days, I had said that I'd just love to go in the mountains somewhere secluded, where I'd be all alone, and be able to find a great big tree, and carve it to my heart's content. You know? So, since I've been back in Cheticamp and I started this carving, I got that satisfaction in one sense. I didn't go in the mountains and find that big log. But I bought big logs, and I carved big--where it was something that was in me that had to come out. You know, carve this big thing--great big thing. Just the satisfaction of seeing it, I can do it small, but can I do it big? You Your Vacation Centre Dtistlcdown 'iftShof Jewellery and Scottish Imports Cape Breton Crafts and Souvenirs (902) 295-2881 Box 592, Baddeck, N. S. BOE 1B0 JKeaU convenience stores ' Videos • Groceries • Tobacco Drinks • Confectionery Booi(S & Magazines • Camera Suppiies Subs • Sandwiches • ice • Dairy Products CHEBUCTO STREET • BADDECK • 295-3025 I OPEN 365 DAYS A YEAR I know? And the first one I tackled--the first big carving I tackled--it came out. People were amazed and impressed of how it became--how it came so good. So there was a little more encouragement on my line. So, now I carve big, small--whatever it is. It doesn't matter what kind of wood. I'll carve in anything, as long as it's wood! I love the smell of wood, I love wood. I was born and brought up in the woods, you may as well say, 'cause my dad was a lumber? jack. And I remember Mum saying--real small--she used to say, "Doesn't wood gum smell good!" I used to love the smell of wood gum. And I grew up with this thing-- liking wood, liking wood gum. I remember as a real small boy I had a peeling knife or a drawknife, I used to peel the bark off logs, just because it smelled good, I guess the whole thing has to do with my whole life, you know. The liking of wood; the smell of wood gum. I used to chew wood gum--make gum with it, you know. And chew it all day long. It's something that's--I don't know--it's imprinted, kind of thing, into me, you know--this wood. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''1 Baddeck Small Engine Centre * Professional Sales and Service * Lawn Mowers/Tractors; A,T,V,'s; Boats & Motors; Chain Saws Polaris Snowmobiles and Personal Watercraft Open 6 days a week OQC 0000 Trans Canada Hwy Call today '9%/"OUUU Exit 8 at Baddeck ?<<<< = * InstdM Gartiens ILY • Drop in or Phone 295-2858 • Don Nicholson Gardening is a relaxing activity: Come to Brookside, relax, and have fun.... Baddeck: The Beginning and End of the Cahot Trail
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