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Page 80 - Margaret Neil James - A Love Story

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1 (135 reads)

I said, "Okay." So she said, "I'll heat up the fire, and you make a pan of biscuits, and we'll have supper." So when Neil came in there was a pan of biscuits in the oven and there was a bon- nach on the end of the table. And Neil said in Gaelic to his mother, "What in the world did you do?" He thought that I was going to get discouraged right away. And she told him--in Gaelic, of course--that the bread was low, and she asked me if I could make a pan of biscuits. Her hands were quite crippled and she found it hard Danena's Restaurant and Take-Out LICENSED OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK ( Home Cooked Meals * Home Baking j 383-2118 SOUTH HARBOUR on the Cabot Trail near Cape North to bake. So, when I realized what he said, I said, "Oh, that's all right. I might as well start today as tomorrow,,.." But anyway, we went to the wake and to the funeral (of Fr. Rankin), And I found out after that Neil had sent a letter to Fir, Rankin telling him that Kay had died, and sent money for a Mass. And he said to him, "Before long"--in the letter back--he had got a letter about the middle of August from him--"before long, you'll have some? one to look after your children," And Neil also told him that if he didn't get some? body by the 1st of September, that he was going to have to consider giving the chil? dren up. And this was just killing him. But I didn't know that till after I came here. He was in a pretty bad position. Be? cause he travelled, and he had everybody looking for somebody. But it was hard to get anybody to come. Especially when he had his parents and his aunt, But I was in my glory. I thought it was just the best place I struck yet, you know. To me. UCCB AS PRIARY RESOURCE In the new world economy knowledge itself has become a "primary resource". Perhaps the key factor driving the growth and development of nations. University College of Cape Breton brings to Cape Breton a wealth of knowledge all its own which can be tapped by all sectors of the Cape Breton Community. Through: • Full-time degree and diploma programs • Part-time and Lifelong Learning programs • Training programs for Industry • Off-campus studies • Professional Consultation with Business and Industry • Research and Development activities • Community Service • Co-operative Education programs • Apprenticeship Trades Training • Cultural activities sponsored by the Beaton Institute, Boardmore Playhouse, the Library, the Art Gallery and the UCCB Press • Athletic programs and major athletic facilities, including the Sullivan Fieldhouse, and the Canada Games Complex The University College of Cape Breton... serving all of Cape Breton. UCCB salutes Ron Caplan and Cape Breton's Magazine for twenty years of dedication to the history and culture of Cape Breton Island. You're not just a "resource"... you're an institution! UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF CAPE BRETON the wash done, the bak? ing done, and the meals made, was the most important things. And if any? body was sick. As far as polishing the floor, and all the rest of the fancy things, they were secondary. You know.... (And how did you fit in first?) Well, when Neil would go anywheres, they'd cry to go with him. He couldn't go any? wheres, except on the schoolbus. When he went on the bus run, they'd stay home. But any other time, he was going to the store or he was going any? wheres, they fol? lowed him all around the fields, everywheres. But after I came, the next time he was going somewheres, "Where you going. Daddy?" And he'd say where he was going, "Well, 'bye!" And if they wanted to go to lo? na- -they used to call ice cream "peem." So Neil
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