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Page 85 - Margaret Neil James - A Love Story

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1 (133 reads)

this ring means I'm going to be your Mommy." Well, she was kind of happy about that, but she still would like the ring, you know! And I said to her, "When you get big, there'll be some nice man come into your life, and he will give you a ring," "I don't want none nice man to give me a ring. I just want Daddy to give me one," she said. So she was kind of a little bit put out that she didn't get a ring when I got one. (What about the other children?) Francis called me in the pantry and closed the door. He was the oldest-- he was 4 at that time. See, I came in September and he was 4 the end of Oc? tober, He'd call me in the pantry and close the door, and he'd hug me and kiss me and he'd say, "I love you, but don't tell anybody," But Michael was the kind that he was always up in your arms, and hugging you and kiss? ing you. You know, he was only--he wasn't 2 until after I married his father, I got married on the 4th of January, and he was 2 on the 18th, I got married in Bras d'Or. Went home to my own parish. And that MacLeod family that I knew, that I worked for--this Fr, Colonel MacLeod--he always said to me, "If you ever get married, Margaret, I'd like to marry you," And I said, "Well, if you're anywheres near where I am," I said, "I'll get in touch with you." And I said, "But don't hold your breath!" You know, 'cause getting married wasn't my piece of cake at the time. (That wasn't your plan, growing up?) No, No, I never thought about it, you know. Margaret and Neil's wedding I liked going around working for people and helping people. That was my thing, you know. And if I could go into a place that needed a lot of work and needed fixing up and this type of thing, that's what I like to do, I never looked for high-priority jobs at all, I felt such a great accom? plishment in doing something like that.... But anyway, we didn't say too much in the community. Neil, I think, said to a few of his relatives around here--he told them, but we didn't say too much in the communi? ty about it. But his father and mother Louisbourg! From the Old Town to the New Phone (902) 539-7100 wee RUAN'S DIVING Gustavo Ruan Fax (90i2) 842-0492 • Box 6266, RR3 _'_, ,,,?,',-' Res (902) 564-4715 Sydney Bl P 6G5 Q P D /10 P Q .LOUISBOURG > ocriviuco SCUBA DIVING in the Clear Waters of Cape Breton Island , Come and experience.... • Tne Evelyn, a freighter sunk in 1912 off Lighthouse Point • The French pay ship Chameau, sunk in 1725 • The Irish immigrant ship Astrea, lost in 1834 at the foot of a cape • Lighthouse Pt. '' & Soldier's Cove, near 18th-century Fortress Louisbourg Sydney &'. Louisburg IHIIIlfflliriHIIIH'''''''' Railway Museum 5 & L Railway ran coal & passengers from 1895 to 1968. BOKO Visit our display of railroad & marine items, watercolours, 6 depictions of life in Louisbourg. OPEN June & Sept: 9-5 July & August: 9-7 'tl'ToMnirf Spend some time with us before or after your visit to the Fortress of Louisbourg! Doll Museum of Over 1900 Dolls Antique to Modern Dolls, Bears, Toys & Furniture * Via FeatuTB The Louisbourg Doll * Handcrafted Puffins and a Large Selection of Local Crafted Gifts and Dolls MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED OPEN MAY 15 TILL OCTOBER 15 Louisbourgj 1382 Main Street : House of Dolls Louisbourg BED & BREAKFAST A large tum-of-the-centuiy home to welcome you, overlooking Louisbourg Harbour and the Fortress. We are open year round & feature a full breakfast with "extras." We Welcome All Visitors: Come In & Browse Around • (902)733-3155
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