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Page 96 - Margaret Neil James - A Love Story

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/6/1 (113 reads)

first. I always felt there was a cloud over that, and I wanted them to know the right story. So that's when I told them about it. Well, the youngest girl cried. Be? cause a lot of it she never heard, and she's very soft, and it's easy for her to cry, I said, "Don't cry, dear--this is something to be happy about." But the oldest fellow stayed at the table. Neighbours came in, so the rest of them went to the kitchen. And he said, "I always thought the world of you. Mom. And that you were one in a million. And I really do now." He said, "You are one in a mil? lion." And he cried his heart out. And I took him in my arms. Cried, I said, "It's good to get it out," Be? cause he really didn't cry a lot. And I guess I surprised them all, because I was always a kind of a softie. And when Neil was sick--like, if he was half an hour late coming home--I'd be just in an awful state, worrying about him.,.. But then, when he died, I seemed to have got a second hold on things and I went through it and got along fine. With the kids' support--they were very good. But they were very, very concerned about me, too, because they knew that I was terri? bly, terribly attached to Dad. And they were very much afraid for what was going to happen to me when anything happened to him.,,, Margaret Neil James IMacNeil and interviewer Ed Binns I wouldn't erase a day of it. No, wouldn't erase a day of it. I'm very proud of our children. And the one that'll tell me they weren't mine, they'd better be on their way. And I'm sure that's the way with the children. I just wish that everybody that ever got married would have as happy a life as I had, and they would love one another as much as we did. For someone who, you know, we started out as a marriage of conven? ience, and turned into a marriage of real, true love. I just wish...some of it would shed off onto others. A Comniittnent to Cape Breton MABOU GARDENS %' INSIDE- Grand Lake Road SYDNEY. 562-6000 • Locally Owned . OPEN 12 MONTHS A YEAR! Buy All Your Garden & Gift Needs Cape Breton's Largest Full-Service Garden Centre Complete Flower Shop & Wire Service
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