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Page 32 - Sydney Harbour in World War 2

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/6/1 (440 reads)

break up • and at that time there was no organization made up for picking up survi? vors. You had to watch where you were go? ing and these ships were running up behind you in formation. Later in the war we or? ganized which ships would stop and lower boats or take action • but in this part of the war you couldn't do that. This was the first week or so of the new tactic the Germans adopted • running a submarine on the surface at night and getting into the middle of a convoy. We'd gone on during the night. It was a case of getting these ships across the ocean and we couldn't stop her. No weapons against them at all. Besides, this is not navy. Ihis is a mer? chant ship. Essentially civilians. Ship's crew. The next morning we were on our own. Set a course for the North Channel and as we went along we saw two or three ships together with a trawler. So we joined on that and that's how we finished our jour? ney. (According to Commander R.B.Mitchell the loss of S C 7 was 20 ships out of 34.) Mrs. John Parker: There were nets across the harbour (the Boom Defence). There'd be boats guarding the gate in the center • and when the ships would be coming or going the boats would open the gates • then close it again immediately after they went. These nets were to keep out submarines. Then as the convoys would be collecting in the har? bour you'd be wondering when they would take off • and of course nq one would know till they'd get the secret message • the commodore would send his signal. It used to be quite spooky sometimes, watching them come out, one by one, go through the gates and beyond • and then you could look out over the horizon perhaps from the top of Cranberry • and you'd see them forming their lines before they'd disappear. You would be wondering how far they'd get, how many would get there. C Boom Defence and Gate Vessel in foreground; Ships awaiting Convoy in the North Arm. CHRYSLER SAIBS/SERVICE T • ?l|'h> • ??9?ClH!|/l? 55 Victoria Road Sydney "We think Customer" CHRYSLER KA3ntmm SItb. PRESCRIPTIONSCOSMETICSTOiLETRIES.ETC. INVERNESS • PHONE 2S8-2400 • NOVA SCOTIA • • Turn left at the (Causeway- Route 19 • It's a lovely way to go.** Cape Breton's Magazine/32 Building Supplies "The Home Care Centre" Welton Street Dial: 564-5518
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