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Page 89 - From a Night at Bob Fitzgerald's

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1992/8/1 (142 reads)

what he would do. (Was there ever a time that the priest did take some kind of ac? tion, when a home was troubled or someone was being seen?) No, not that I know of, (Or if someone had seen the devil, where they would go to the priest and he would take some kind of action. Did the priest ever do anything to put a stop to things like that?) Well, you hear those things. But, you know.... You're not so fond of telling something like that, unless...that you know the people that you've heard tell? ing those things. Now, like that story I just told you. Now, to kind of phrase it-- that's from the horse's mouth. I was there, and I saw it, and I know it. and get them. He doesn't have to come and set around where they're at. That's the conception I have of the devil. (You won't find him at the table playing cards.) No, You won't find him sitting around waiting in a room for somebody to die. I don't have that conception of the devil at all. Of course, like our modern religions will tell us, there's lots of devils, the devil is on every corner. The devil is any and every place that you go. But religion tells us that there is one real devil that's oc? cupying hell, the everlasting country of fire and damnation. That's what religion tells us. Whether that is so or not.... (But have you ever been told that a priest, say, became involved?) Oh, yes. Oh, yes. We've been--you know, we've heard many things where a priest has been involved in those kind of things. Where a priest has gone to a house that they claimed--that they said that the devil was there, you know. And used, as we would say, his magic powers to drive him out. We have often heard--I have heard many stories of that. And I suppose the minister too. It's hap? pens to be in our case a priest. That's our religion. And it would be in that case. And I suppose a good clergyman of any religious order would do the same.... You know, you hear people telling--I've heard people telling of a priest going in? to a house, and a woman in the bed and she was possessed by the devil. And the priest took holy water and his beads and the cru? cifix and drove the devil out of the room. You hear those kind of things. Those are something that I don't put any stock Because, to me--now, I have a differ? ent conception of the devil, possibly than you would have or someone else would have. The conception I have of the devil is that he's not going to come and set around in a place where there's somebody that he wants. He doesn't have to. If he's going to get them, he can wait on the other side TrAViAAgencif We plan it all for you. 794-7251 158 QUEEN ST., NORTH SYDNEY Personally, I don't think. There's only one reason why-.-if we're Christians-- there's only one reason why, that we be? lieve in a hereafter. We believe in a hereafter because we believe in God. If you don't believe in God, you don't be? lieve in a hereafter. If you believe in God, you believe that he's a creature be? yond imagination. God, to me--and I'm only a poor, misera*ble Christian--but God to me is a creature beyond my imagination. He's a creature beyond anything that you could imagine insofar as our earthly creatures go. God, to me, is a creature--a being-- that would not create you and I and then, simply because he made us weak, to fall; then condemn us to everlasting hell and fire for all eternity. God is not that kind of a creature, to me. I don't think he is to you, either. That wouldn't be the kind of a God that we would look up to. God to me is a creature that's all just and all good and all merciful and all ho- YOU DESERVE THE VERY BEST 562-3139 12 Meadow St. Sydney, Nova Scotia "Baking bread the Polish way since 1929" Good Eating Bon Appetit Smacznego • Bakers of the "perfect" diet breads, our white Itaiian, Lite and Dark ryes have "no" added sugar, "no" fats, and "no" preservatives Specializing in superb tasting Sicilian style Old Country pan pizza, using wholesome tomatoes, natural spices, and parmesan cheese which has half the calories of fatty mozzarella type pizzas • Baking in a 17th century brick oven and original recipes are the secret to our superior quali- ty international breads and rolls which are all preservative free • We warmly weicome you to visit us in Whitney Pier YOU DESERVE THE VERY BEST
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