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Page 39 - A Visit with Trueman Clark, Gabarus

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/1/1 (259 reads)

her. They said that was bad luck, to have a woman around the boat. Oh, yes. (Would women come down to the shore? Would they be around...?) Oh, yes. They'd work around the shore, and around at the fish, you know, when they were brought ashore. But you didn't take them in the boat. Or a lot of them didn't. There might have been an odd one who would take them that way. But that was the belief of the old people, I guess. (That a woman's bad luck on a....) I think so--a woman's bad luck. (Did they mean she would bring the ship down, or that the fishing would be poor?) I've got no idea what it was. I nev? er believed in any of that stuff myself. No. (You were always happy to get a woman on board?) Well, it wasn't too often I got one, but I was happy when I got 'em aboard! Mrs. Clark: And they could have only white mitts, too. Trueman: Oh, that's when they were fishing. (What is that about white mitts?) Well, sometimes when the old fel? lows were fishing--well the skipper, he'd have his mitts and all on there--his white mitts--and going. Some other fellow come out with a pair of gray mitts on--he never went ashore with them. If they got ahold of them they'd fire them overboard. It was bad luck to have gray mitts aboard of a boat. (Isn't that interesting? Anything but white.) They didn't want gray--gray is what it was. The white mitten was all right, but not the gray one. (Was there anything at all that the men did for good luck, besides keep the women away? Would they keep a certain thing on the boat for luck?) I've got no idea, I've got no idea. (What about yourself, when you fished?) Well, when I fished I went down and I jumped aboard the boat, I went whichever way she was headed--I went. And if I had to turn against the sun, it was quite all right to me. But there were some more (fishermen), they wouldn't turn Education in Your Community University College of Cape Breton Extension and Community Affairs win offer a series of university credit courses in select communities in rural Cape Breton during the 1992-93 off-campus program. You can earn university credits in your community. For application and information, contact: University College of Cape Breton Extension and Community Affairs P.O. Box 5300, Sydney, N.S. BIP 6L2 Phone:(902)539-5300 Fax: (902)562-0119 UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF CAPE BRETON Extension and Community Affairs Mr. and Mr'. '?? ueman Clark against the sun, they had to turn with the sun--it didn't matter how it was--for to go out. If they turned the other way and they went out, well, they weren't too fussy about it. Or they'd stop in. (I heard sometime there were those who wouldn't let you talk about a pig. Did you ever hear that?) Well, down here (in Gab? arus), no, I never heard much about it here. But I know if I was down here in Lorraine, I think it was--Little Lorraine. There was a fellow in there--where was he from now? I'm not right sure--close up to DEPART ARRIVE SYDNEY HALIFAX 7:30 A.M. 2:45 P.M. ACADIAN 4 TRIPS DAILY BETWEEN SYDNEY & HALIFAX TRIP 72 - Daily pick ups in: NORTH SYDNEY. LITTLE BRAS D'OR. BIG HARBOUR, BADDECK. LITTLE NARROWS. WHYCOCOMAGH, PORT HASTINGS, PORT HAWKESBURY, & others (TRURO 1:15 P.M. VIA RAIL connection) IBIEML - Daily pick ups in: NORTH SYDNEY 11:00 A.M. 5:00 P.M. (11:25 A.M.), BADDECK (12:15 P.M.). WHYCOCO- MAGH(12:45 P.M.), ANTIGONISH (2:00 P.M.) TRIP 54 - via St. Peter's - Pick ups in: SYDNEY RIVER. 2:15 P.M. 9:50 P.M. BIG POND. ST. PETER'S. GRAND ANSE. CLEVELAND, PORT HAWKESBURY, & others TRIP 76 - Pick uos in: NORTH SYDNEY. BADDECK. 6:00 P.M. 12:10 A.M. WHYCOCOMAGH, PORT HAWKESBURY (SUNDAY to FRIDAY only) (schedule Subject to Change) CALL TOLL FREE1-454-9321 for further information '''''' • Same day service to most Maritime points ' Collect shipments now accepted • Excess insurance available to $500.00 ' "Priority Pak" our new 12''x16'' waterproof envelope with a flat rate throughout the Maritimes • sold 10 to a package $50.50 (includes GST) GRAYLINE SIGHTSEEING TOURS June 1 - October 15 See Historic Halifax / Peggy's Cove We depart from most hotels for these tours. ACADIAN LINES LIMITED 6040 Almon Street, Halifax, N. S. B3K 5M1
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