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Page 52 - Advert: Cape Breton's Magazine

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/1/1 (268 reads)

Great Reading! Great Listening! Dandy T-Shirt! ECHOES FROM LABOR'S WARS T-Shirt: After the Storm X-Large or Medium • 100% Cotton $12.95 After the Storm, June 17,1973, in Little River Harbour It was said to have been the worst storm living memory to strike Cape Breton Is? land • 'with winds up to 71 miles an hour, rain, and then enough snow to strand cars on Smokey and Kelly's Mountain. The photograph was tak? en the morning after the storm. The breakwater at Little River Harbour is completely underwater in the picture.... ECHOES FROM LABOR'S WARS THE EXPANDED EDITION Industrial Cape Breton in the 1920s Echoes of World War One Autobiography & Other Writings 'Introduction by DAVID FRANK & DON MacGILLIVRAY' "In our world of hunger and job loss, and the fresh rattUng of swords. Dawn Fraser's words are still strong and to the point." 144 pages*$9.95 "This book is a compelling testament to courage, peace and community." Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald CLASSIC CUTS A NEW COMPILATION FOR A NEW GENERATION! A new selection of some of the finest Cape Breton music ever played • digitally remastered for Compact Disc. Every effort has been made to get the best possi? ble reproduction. Winston has never sounded better! Compact Disc: $19.95 Cassette Tape: $11.95 Use our ORDER FORM to send for any of our Breton Books and Music 22 medleys (49 tunes) from the man who set the standard for the fiddle in Cape Breton ORDER FORIVI BOOKS Castaway on Cape Breton .. The Cape Breton Giant $6.95 . Highland Settler $12.95 _ PRICE QTY. . $9.95 fSPECIAL OFFER #1:' VSet of Above 3 Booksj.. .$25.00 _ Down North $19.95 _ Cape Breton Lives $19.95 _ Cape Breton Book of the Night.. $1295 _ fSPECIAL OFFER #2: ") Iget of Above 3 Booksj $42.00 _ Cape Breton Captain $12.95 • Archie Neil $14.95 - Echoes from Labor's Wars $9.95 - SUBSCRIPTIONS to Cape Breton's MAGAZINE 4 Issues Inside Canada $16.00 - 4 issues outside Canada U. S. Currency $21.00 _ or Can. Currency... $24.50 - T-SHIRT: "After the Storm" TOTAL: (Books & Magazines & T-Shirts) TOTAL: (Tapes & CDs) From ORDER FORM (2) (box on right) SUB-TOTAL: TOTAL: ARCHIE NEIL by Mary Anne Ducharme A beautifiilly written collaboration that will kee') alive forever the life and stories of Archie Neil Chisholm. Saddled with polio, pride, and a lack of discipline • Archie Neil lived out the contradictory life of a terrific teacher floundering in alcoholism. His growth, plunge, and rise as an extraordinarily vauable person in the Cape Breton community is good, lasting reading. From outrageous good humour to excellent storytell? ing, this book is a remarkable achievement for writer Mary Anne Ducharme, as the life itself, at once graceful and generous, is a remarka? ble achievement for Archie Neil. 'A triumph of a life!" ORDER FORM (2) TAPES & CDs PRICE QTY. Winston Scotty Fitzgeraki: Classic Cuts Compact Disc.. .$19.95 Cassette Tape ..$11.95 Mike MacDougall's Tape for Fr. Hector $10.00 Cape Breton Fiddlers on Early LPs $10.00 Winston Scotty FttzgeraM: House Parties & 78s $11.00 SUB-TOTAL: TOTAL: (on Tapes & CDs) Biography • Oral History • Anthology 40 photos • 248 pages • $14.95 (All Our Prices Include POSTAGE in CANADA) Order by PHONE (902) 539-3817 or by FAX (902) 539-9117 or IVIAIL Cheque or Money Order or VISA/MC number, expiry & your signature to: Cape Breton's MAGAZINE WRECK COVE • NOVA SCOTIA Edited & Published by Ronald Caplan with the help of Bonnie Thompson e Maclntyre ?? Paul Cranford JANUARY 1993 WRITE FOR OUR LATEST CATALOGUE!
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