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> Issue 62 > Page 54 - Joe Delaney and His Scarecrows

Page 54 - Joe Delaney and His Scarecrows

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1993/1/1 (355 reads)

''k'''i all that, in order to cultivate that land. It would be a better appearance, you know. Anyway, so we did. But we didn't clear it all, you know, in the one year. We just cleaned out a certain patch the first year. And we put vegetables at one end and potatoes at the other: 150 yards--450 feet long, 30 feet wide. And every year we A ' Motel and /'/9??J0f/pA Dining Room '' VV''''V''"' (LICENSED) CHETICAMP 3-Dlamond AAA Rating • Listed in yi/here to Eat in Canac Colour TVs • Phones Ideally located beside C. B. HIGHLANDS NATIONAL PARK • whale cruises • hiking • fishing • golfinc saltwater beach • more P. O. Box 1 Cheticamp, N.S. BOE IH (902) 224-2400 Est. 1938: McKeown Fami broke a strip, you know. Clearing another 30 feet and another 30 feet. It took us quite a few years to clear it out open, you know, to have a nice field. Anyway, once we got all the gardening in, the potatoes and everything--we were liv? ing two miles from there. I'm talking about Cap LeMoine, and our home is in St. Joseph du Moine. Not being able to super? vise the area, the neighbours said, "Joe, we hate to see you doing this, because we tried it. And the foxes, the deers, the seagulls, and the crows--you name it--they ate up everything on us." And then one fellow says, "I don't know-- maybe if you put up a scarecrow." So that gave me an idea. So we came home. And with the boys, we made three of them--three scarecrows. And in the olden days the farm? ers --they'd put up a scarecrow. All they'd do is drive a post about 4 feet high that it would remain, and then they'd nail a board across. Throw an old jacket around the board. And then the arms--the sleeves, you know--they would flap in the wind.... CO-OP Building Supplies 870 King's Road, Sydney f'x 539-6410 WE ARE MORE THAN JUST LUMBER!!! ?? PRESSURE TREATED LUMBER ?? PAINT/STAINS ?? FLOOR COVERINGS ?? GYPROC ?? BATHROOM FIXTURES I VINYL REPLACEMENT WINDOWS I EAVESTROUGH I ROOFING MATERIALS I LIGHT FIXTURES I PLUMBING SUPPLIES I HARDWARE I COUNTER TOPS I VANITIES I SHOWERS I ROOF TRUSSES I DOORS I KITCHEN CABINETS I INSULATION ?? HOME & GARAGE PACKAGES ?? ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES ?? HEATING SUPPLIES ?? LUMBER ?? PLYWOODS EXPERIENCE ON YOUR SIDE OVER 39 YEARS EXPERIENCE
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