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Page 40 - Sydney Harbour in World War 2

Published by Ronald Caplan on 1976/6/1 (383 reads)

So took her up to the Northwest Arm. We put her ashore there. And when the tide was out • I was clear of her then • they cut holes in her with acetylene. Then when the tide came in it flooded her, put her out. But she burned up there for a week I guess. The fire kind of settled down on her. Then it started up again. I know there were a lot of copper ingots in her. Even the big army in there hanging down in the hatches where the wooden hatches burnt with the license fused to the wheels and the tires burnt off them, just hanging down in the hatch. I don't know what I thought when I saw it. They tell stories, one fellow asked me. Is it true they were laying on the mat? tresses where they shot themselves? Look, there wasn't enough there to tell anything. Just grease spots, like a burnt shoe. And the only body that you could tell was a body was all black • and he was lying on the engine roora grating, curled around there, suffocated with the heat. He was a body. Ihe rest • well, you could see two or three grease spots and you knew that was a body. I counted 29 • but I think they got 34 • but 29 that I knew were bodies. But oh the yarns. You know, it sounds dramatic • but it was just my turn. Any other pilot would have gone the sarae as rae. For their help in preparing this article, our thanks to Capt. A.G.Darnbrough. Robert MorgaJTof the Old Sydney Society, and David Dow. Commander R.B.Mitchell supplied photographs of convoys in Sydney Harbour; Russell Rose supplied the photo of the "Rosecastle"; the photo of Duncan MacLeod and family is by Parker Dunham; and Nelson Rice photographed the"J.Pinckney Henderson" burning out in the Northwest Arm. "Fortress Sydney": Guns around Sydney Harbour, in issue 14 Edited & Published by Ronald Caplan _ with the help of id Bonnie Thompson i JUNE 1976 Cape Breton's MAGAZINE WRECK COVE CAPE BRETON Cover: (left to right) Stan Sraith, Cyril Bird. Archie Strickland. NOVA SCOTIA Billy Strickland. Ambrose Dowling, Martin Sweet, ? , Art Dowling, Louis'Pat) Dowling. Archie MacLean in car. Child unidentified. For help with identification, our thanks to Mrs. MartKa A COLLECTORS' EDITION of Cape Breton's Strickland. North Sydney, and Fred Williams. Cabot ArchivesT' We've reprinted the first six issues and bound them in a single large book called The Collectors' Edition of Cape Breton's Magazine. It includes the first six issues exactly as originally published. It sells for $3.75. Subscriptions to Cape Breton's Magazine are sold on a 6-issue basis, beginning with any issue from Number 7 on* A 6-issue subscription is $4*50* A 12-issue subscription is $8*50. Use the coupon to order the Collectors' Edition and sub? scribe to Cape Breton's Magazine. If you'd like to send gifts, simply send a list of those to whom you want the magazines sent, their najmes and full addresses, and en? close a check or money order* We pay the postage, any? where in the world* r Please send me D The Collectors' Edition of Cape Breton's Magazine ($3*75 each; and / or Please send me a Q 6-issue ($4*50)Q 12- issue ($8*50) subscription to Cape Bre? ton's Magazine. NAME ADDRESS Begin subscription with Number 7 8 9 "lO 11 12 13 Enclosed is a check money order for .
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